Tattoo Joe

DVD & props by Joe Russell ($35.00)

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Your examined, empty hand gently rubs your naked arm... A BIG BOLD TATTOO SLOWLY AND VISIBLY APPEARS ON YOUR SKIN!

Rub your arm again and the TATTOO COMPLETELY VANISHES! And if you feel like it, make a totally DIFFERENT TATTOO appear on your OTHER ARM!


INSTANT RESET. A girl blows you a kiss and you catch it on your arm.
Pull pips off a playing cards and reprint them on your skin.
Make your phone number magically appear for the ladies.
Produce your client's name or logo.
A spectator grabs your arm and their finger prints appear in blood.
Customize a gimmick with ANY word, picture, or symbol.
Works with just about any skin tone.
Use the same gimmick hundreds of times (two different tattoos per gimmick). Perform surrounded with sleeves rolled up or with short sleeves.

Includes enough stuff to create 12 different re-usable custom tattoos.

Running Time Approximately 42min

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