The Larry Lock

Trick by Mago Larry
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The Larry Lock

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Trick by Mago Larry ($120.00)

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The Larry Lock - magic

Gimmicked padlocks are a staple for many a mentalist. However, The Larry Lock from Mago Larry is one of the best available on the market and certainly one of the best in terms of value for money. Expertly made and familiar looking, this specially engineered padlock will allow you to perform a mental masterpiece.

The basic effect is as follows. You show your audience a combination padlock with 4 number wheels. Stating that this allows over 10,000 possible combinations, you ask your spectator to name a number, then another, then two more. Four digits which no one could have known or predicted beforehand. However, before your spectator tries their combination on the lock, you encourage that they try different combinations to prove that they won't work. Sure enough, the metal bar remains firmly shut. But, when the chosen combination is entered, there is a familiar 'click' and the padlock is open.

Various other numbers can be tested before opening the lock but it opens only with the spectator's number. What's more, the magician never touches the lock.

Points to note:

  • No magnets used
  • No forces
  • No electronics
  • No gravity mechanisms
  • No timers
  • No switches

The Larry Lock will leave your audience scratching their heads as a padlock is such a familiar object, which everyone knows can only be opened in one way; defying all logic and selecting the correct combination from in excess of 10,000 possible.

With your purchase you receive the specially engineered gimmicked lock as well as access to instant streaming videos with routines for both close-up and stage performances.


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