Trick by Liam Montier
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Trick by Liam Montier ($45.00)

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Timeless - magic

"Timeless" is an extraordinary and unusual effect with your wristwatch. Imagine being able to predict a spectator's freely-chosen time, and then being able to cause the hands of the watch to disappear completely. More than a trick, "Timeless" is a special watch (included) that can force any time you desire and allow you to vanish the hands.

Every package includes a luxury wristwatch which has been individually prepared for use with "Timeless." Also included is a DVD demonstrating "Timeless" performances on stage and up close by Joshua Jay, as well as step-by-step DVD instruction by Andi Gladwin. This is a complete package with everything you need to know to perform this great effect.

The watch supplied won't work as a normal wristwatch, which allows it to completely examinable at the end of the effect.

Created by Liam Montier, with Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay, “Timeless” is a truly original effect with an extrodinarily clever method that makes it easy to perform. You can force any time and then reveal that the hands have vanished with this special watch. The possibilities are endless which is why it is used by professionals worldwide. It was even featured on 'Penn & Teller: Fool US'!


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Customer reviews for Timeless


Josh showed and taught this to us at his lecture at the Kutztown Annual Magic Convention this weekend. All I can say is BRILLIANT!! It is very easy to do and will leave a lasting effect on ANY spectator.



What can I say, I am a huge fan of Josh Jay and witnessed him perform this fantastic effect at the 2011 Carolina Close-up Convention in Charlotte, NC. How good is "Timeless"? Too Good. This is an amazing feat with a great presentation that will baffle and intrigue your audiences over and over again. Do me a favor and don't buy this, I look forward to smokeing you with it if we ever meet.



Simply fantastic! One of the best releases of 2011. A superb idea - extremely powerful, and easy to perform. Highest possible recommendation.



This is one killer effect from the minds of Liam Montier, Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay. "Timeless" is an effect that can be done in a myriad of situations, close-up, walk-around, and even stage/parlor settings. I've been happy with the prediction part of the effect, but the surprise ending slays the minds of the spectators. Also it's very portable too! Timeless is an effect that every magician should be doing!



Absolutely my new favorite trick. I keep it with me all the time. The method fooled me completely and fools EVERYONE. Don't be discouraged if you think the method won't work. It does! Sure fire every time. I can't think of a better effect I've seen this year. Effect of the year!