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"Vodka" is the simplest, easiest, and the smallest deck switcher ever!

This gimmick allows you to make the switch from one hand to the other with ease.
The switch is done in the motion when you take the cards from your left hand to your right hand.
When you use this gimmick you will be able to do switches without stress and worry free.

This gimmick is very versatile and has endless possibilities for use in card magic.

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Richard Tuckerman

Why didn't I think of this? Without giving away too much, let me say that I find it both better "disguised" and more versatile than "The Cooler." It's VERY satisfying to do, and, to my surprise, properly choreographed, it has gotten by every eagle-eyed audience I've tested it on. I'm ready to build a segment of my card act around it. I don't think the included directions, clearly translated from the Japanese by a non-native speaker of English, do the prop justice. Not only are they syntactically challenged, but they barely scratch the surface of potential handlings.