Cardiographic - Signature Edition

Trick by Martin Lewis
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Cardiographic - Signature Edition

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Trick by Martin Lewis ($195.00)

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Cardiographic - Signature Edition - magic

Formerly marketed as Cardiographic, this effect used by Johnny Thompson, David Copperfield, Michael Weber and many other professional magicians worldwide.

Martin Lewis' classic effect in which a card rises from a drawing and is then handed out as a souvenir. This brand new signature version is designed and made by Martin's Magikraft Studios. It's better, faster, and far mores durable than any other version ever. It includes DVD instruction on care, handling, and performance. Insights gained by 30 years of performing experience.

The gimmick is made with a hard wearing laminated cover and an extra heavyweight backboard. The oversize spiral makes the action fast and easy and the new plastic gimmick will never warp. Plus lots more improvements that come from those many years of real world performance.

To many, this is the best stand-up effect ever marketed!

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Customer reviews for Cardiographic - Signature Edition

Kieron Nash

Sounds cool, will put this on my wish list for now as I'm still quite new to stage


Quentin Green

Kieron - not that I encourage magicians to run before they can walk, quite the contrary, in fact it's nice to see someone pacing them self; but if your new to & interested in developing a stage act then this is a perfect start. Martin is an excellent teacher and this effect must have been tried and tested countless times, it's a relatively easy and definitely memorable classic. Best of luck!