Color Changing Vest

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Trick by Lee Alex ($330.00)

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Color Changing Vest - magic

Lee Alex, British illusionist, author of the quick change book "Time for a Change?" presents a unique quick change item for all performers.

All new fabrics to bring you the highest quality! New longer length to give you a better fit!


The magician is seen wearing a normal vest, buttoned at the front and worn showing out from under an open jacket. The magician turns to his table to take a prop from the table top. Upon turning back to the audience the vest is seen to have changed color.

This is repeated once more later in the programme, and a third time. This not only stands as a unique quick change effect on its own, but also may be performed as a novel running gag which may be repeated ad infinitum throughout a show.
3 color changes; Red, White and Green.

The final effect of the Color Change Vest is an amazing patriotic transformation displaying the Flag of Italy (green, white and red stripes)!

  • You may perform as many or as few color changes as desired.
  • Throughout the performance nothing is ever added or taken away.
  • Instant Reset!
  • No less than ten alternative presentations, handlings and ideas are also given in the instructions.
NOTE: demo shows finale as Union Jack, this vest finale is Italian Flag

Italian Flag Style - Available in Medium, Large and X-Large 




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