David Penn's Wine Bottle Production

Trick by David Penn ($30.00)

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If you have ever had a bottle of wine appear in front of you, you know how unexpected and shocking it can be for spectators. You also know that almost nothing gets bigger reactions!

David Penn's Wine Bottle Production was his opener when he won The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year and The IBM Close-Up Competition, and now the power can be yours!

This gimmick is designed such that you can open your jacket before production and no show anything. No jacket? No problem! This gimmick is designed so that a simple shirt over T-shirt is sufficient. You can even produce two bottles with one gimmick!

In addition, you even get David's full commercial routine, which includes producing the spectator's drink!

Stand-alone, opener, or closer, David Penn's Wine Bottle Production is ready to rock your spectators' worlds in a way you've never seen. Buy yours today!

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