Loose Ends

DVD by John Zander ($19.95)

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A mind-boggling comedy rope routine from award-winning magician, John Zander.

  • Stand Up, Close-Up or Strolling!
  • Easy to do, Fast Reset
  • End squeaky Clean!
A multi-phased rope routine that does not require any extra props. With Loose Ends, you will receive great audience interaction as you keep losing the ends of the rope - they keep becoming the middle! And, of course, the middle turns into the ends! First the ends are on the right, then they're on the left - mind-boggling magic and laughter. One rope becomes two, then into a loop with NO ends! No end in sight, right? You will amaze and amuse your audience with this wonderful effect.
"It's easy to do and works for any kind of audience - what more could you ask for?" Mike Caveney
"LOOSE ENDS is a funny, commercial rope routine worthwhile of studying, and above all... USE IT!" Aldo Colombini
"This is my kind of magic... the routine is simple, direct and novel, it can be performed under any conditions (close-up and surrounded or on stage), and you finish clean and everything can be examined!" Daryl
"Loosely speaking, John Zander's Loose Ends is no end of good fun, with endless possibilities!" Martin Lewis

23-minute DVD (provide your own normal rope)

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