Trick by Richard Sanders and Michel Huot
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Trick by Richard Sanders and Michel Huot ($79.95)

In stock. Order in the next 6 hours, 30 minutes and it will go out today!
Priceless - magic

Imagine being able to have ANY named price appear written in a price tag, hanging from a security tag fixed to your clothing! Imagine no more. Priceless is a creation from the minds of Richard Sanders and Michel Huot and does just that.

With Priceless, you can walk up to anyone and simply ask "How much do you think I paid for my jacket?" They can then name ANY price, for example £49.99, (which you jot down on a notepad), and you immediately look up and say, "I didn't pay £49.99 for my jacket. In fact, I didn't pay anything for it... I just took it!"

With no funny business, you then remove your jacket revealing a security tag with a price tag hanging from it. As the laughter subsides, your spectators notice the price on the price tag. Miraculously, it reads £49.99!

Priceless is a powerful, organic, impossible prediction built into an everyday prop, a store security tag, and can be played for laughs or as a serious mentalism piece.

Remember, any price they named instantly appears on a price tag hanging from any part of your clothing, including inside your jacket, on your back, under the collar of your jacket and more.

What you get:

  • 1 x custom designed security tag gimmick
  • 2 x different plastic, dry/wet erase price tags (that are sure to last a lifetime)
  • 1 x wet erase marker
  • 90 minute video tutorial guiding you though every nuance of the effect
  • Live performances both on stage at a comedy club and close-up in various venues

As with anything with Sanders' name attached, you can be assured this is a real worker and one that will easily slip into your repertoire. Modern, contemporary mentalism and perfect for close-up and stage, easy to perform and resets in just 3 seconds. The self-contained gimmick is simple to set up so you can just clip it anywhere and go. We're sure you're going to have great fun performing this wonderful new piece.

I want to be the only one using this!David Stone
I just found my new opener!Our very own Andi Gladwin
The best, most practical solution to the legendary "prediction on back:" effect that I've ever seen!Marc Desouza
This precision-made prop turns an old gag into an astonishing piece of mentalism!Our very own Joshua Jay
When I saw it I just knew it was going into my show!Eric Leclerc
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Customer reviews for Priceless

john pizzi

Love it and as to be expected Sanders, he has thought of all the options and angles of presentation.
This is a no brainier for any serious performer.
Think this is a keeper.


Marshall Adams

Richard Sanders never disappoints. Ever since I purchased Extreme Burn V1 I have bought every one of his releases and Priceless is in my top 3. It's a perfect opener with a solid method. Also, I had a bit of trouble with my gimmick but I got a reply to my email within an hour and problem is now solved. Excellent service.


Tristam Smith

I love this trick! It is perfect in every way! The method is simple and deceptive, the trick is powerful and has comedic potential! One of the best stage routines created recently.