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A new take on an old principle. Welcome to TAKEOFF! It's the "Out to Lunch" Principle...only JUMBO!

Finally your budget can afford to make a JUMBO object, like a plane, disappear just like pros such as Copperfield or Siegfried & Roy. Except that by JUMBO object we mean a picture of a plane, but it's a BIG picture.

This version comes with 8.5" x 11" cards of a JUMBO jet, cards large enough to be used both close-up and in parlor and stage settings. Your spectator gets to sign the picture and take it home, however the picture they signed will be miraculously missing the JUMBO jet when they turn over the picture. And, of course, their souvenir picture is proof positive that they saw a magician make a JUMBO jet disappear!

If you are familiar with Out to Lunch, you know this effect:

  • Is self-working
  • Uses no sleight of hand
  • Is entirely self-contained
  • And instantly resets
Included are cards for performing the trick 40 times, plus bonus routines and ideas, as well as artwork and directions to print your own UNLIMITED refills forever! You can even add your own contact info on the back of each card! So get you copy now and get ready to hit it BIG!
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