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PRISN - magic

You know that Vanishing Inc. Magic only carries the cool stuff.

This is the cool stuff. But it certainly isn't suitable for everyone.

PRISN is quite possible the funniest set of books available in magic. Consider them a parody of the Max Maven Prism books and take them with a pinch of salt. If you're a fine-upstanding, politically-correct individual, walk away. However, if you find humor in politically incorrect things, you will absolutely enjoy every filthy page of this unfortunate collection that has forever stained the questoinably proud face of magic and mentalism.

This R-Rated literature lovingly mocks the hard work put forth by the audacious young Phil Goldstein (Max Maven) in his Color Series of Mentalism, 1976-1980. The creators of PRISN have painstakingly tried to be ludicrously offensive (all-in-good-fun, of course) to as many groups as possible.

This is what people are saying about their efforts:

"Weird, bizarre, disturbing, vile and in several places possibly illegal... Brilliant! I love them!" - Simon Lovell

"Quite possibly... the most fun you can have in mentalism short of telephoning Kenton Knepper when he's ironing." - Ian Rowland

"Very amusing... You'll be hearing from my lawyers." - Max Maven

Not available to minors, or anyone who is easily offended.

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