Card on Ceiling

By Jamy Ian Swiss
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Card on Ceiling

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DVD or download by Jamy Ian Swiss (DVD $20.00 or download for $20.00)

In stock. Order in the next 10 hours, 40 minutes and it will go out today!
Card on Ceiling - magic

Jamy Ian Swiss has developed perhaps the most compact, amazing, and practical "Card on Ceiling" ever published, and now he shares the work on video for the very first time – a method you will carry with you every day, always ready to perform this unforgettable feat at a moment's notice. You'll learn every improvement and advantage from Swiss, who has honed this routine to perfection over decades of performances.

Jamy also shares two other versions from his mentors and friends: Scotty York, and legendary bar magician J.C. Wagner. Each performer added something new to both the plot and the methods of this routine, and you get to see each in live performance, and learn them all in complete detail.

If you have ever wanted to learn this classic of magic, in which a signed selected card mystifyingly appears on the ceiling, this DVD is essential viewing!

Running Time: 67 minutes


Customer reviews for Card on Ceiling

Brandon Lopez

This is a steal at $20. I originally discovered Jamy’s method for the Card on Ceiling on one of his online lectures. Even though I already had the method I still purchased this download, and it was still well worth the money. His method alone is worth $20, but additionally you get both Scotty York’s, and J.C. Wagner’s handling. Additionally you get unedited live bar performances of each version and some great history and and thoughts on the trick. For such a complete resource on this classic, $20 is an amazing price.

As for Jamy’s self contained method, it is super clever and practical. It’s given me the confidence to carry the setup on me and do this effect in almost any situation. Thank you Jamy and Vanishing Inc. for helping this classic live on.


Tim Lichfield

If you've never performed Card on Ceiling before, this is the place to start.

Learn the history of this spectacular effect and several methods that will leave your audience wondering HOW it happened.

Jamy Ian Swiss covers all you need to know with great detail.

Highly recommended.


Dave Machin

A really passionate and informed description of several handlings for this magic bartender classic. Some nice thoughts on the history of the trick and alternative hooks.