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Punishment - magic

If you like strong, memorable, 100% reaction magic that lasts with your audiences then this DVD is for you. All the effects where filmed in real situations with members of the public.

Card Watch - This effect has everything: a reason, tension, and an astonishing finish. A spectator tries to quick draw the magician and a merely a thought of a card ends up behind the spectator's own watch.

Sweet dreams of you - The magician tells a story of a dream he had where a card was signed, it is reconstructed. As a climax a card that has been on the table all along turns out to have the spectator's signature and has a different colored back.

Wild Frame - Three copper coins appear from the frame of a purse, dropped though, turn to silver, change back to copper and eventually disappear. Quite a knuckle buster.

Single Cup and Balls -A very workable variation of the classic cups and balls using a single cup and ball bearings with large metal balls for the final loads. Ideal for restaurants.

2 Wrongs Don't Make a Right -This is a great little packet trick that uses minimal sleight of hand. It has a funny patter and makes terrific use of word play.

Running Time Approximately 1hr

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Customer reviews for Punishment

Josh Burch

This is a rehash of some of the most popular magic used by professional magicians. There's nothing new here and the instruction isn't all that great if you want to learn these effects. If you are interested in this magic check out the works of Paul Harris, Davis Williamson and Paul Gertner. Watching this DVD was... should I say it? Punishment.