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Reflections - magic

In REFLECTIONS, leading masters of levitation and animation, Finn Jon and Yigal Mesika come together again to take you through the DO's and DON'Ts of performing with IT and Loops in any light condition. In REFLECTIONS you will learn how to walk into any setting, from close up to stage and instantly know how to eliminate those telltale reflections that can ruin your act! If you're using levitation and animation at any level, this DVD is essential viewing!

You'll find inside tips and advice on the magic behind creating magic in the air. The riveting sequel to LOOPS volume 1&2 contains in depth, explanation of how to create totally believable effects so that even skeptics will be convinced! Watch Mesika and Finn open up on candid conversations with each other about top secrets on how to foolproof your technique and work well with backgrounds to eliminate any suspicions of IT and IE. Enjoy a rare, private lesson with the experts and watch them perform new effects never seen or done before.

  • Jumping Cigarette
  • One-hand Floating Bill
  • Spinning Bulb
  • Boomerang Card
  • Secret Loop Move
Approximate running time: 45min

Customer reviews for Reflections

Yul Largado

I give it an "eh" rating....I think the information given should have been included in the Loops DVD set. The information could have been given on an index card or better yet, written on the advertisement card included in the Loops DVD. I felt like this was a ploy just to get $50 from magicians without feeling bad ($30 Loops DVD + $20 Reflections DVD). I might have felt better if they included some loops to use, but they didn't, so add on another $20.


Sergio Crino

First of all, I want to stress that I believe Loops are an excellent gimmick. I also had the opportunity to attend Yigal Mesika's lecture at FISM 2015, and I can easily say he is a very nice guy, who is 100% honest about his product.

I gave this dvd 1 star, because it's useless. There is no real extra information or any new ideas on how to handle Loops. It's a rather short interview, which could have been included in the first 2-disc set. I know it's just $20, but it's still not worth it. Not even as a $5 dowload.

My advice is to buy more Loops to practice with, because that's the only way to learn how and when to use them.