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Greed - magic

Greed is classic Daniel Garcia and we think is one of his strongest tricks. He borrows a one dollar bill and magically turns it into a five dollar bill. He then continues sequentially, changing the bill into every bill up to a twenty dollar bill.

"Want me to turn it into a fifty?" He asks the owner of the dollar. Of course they do; they're greedy! So, Danny takes the twenty and turns it into a fifty ... cent coin! The note visually changes to a half dollar.

You'd be surprised to hear that this routine is actually really easy to do. It will take just a little practice, but you'll be performing it in no time. However, be warned that you do need to make up a gimmicked bill which will cost you a little bit of money as you cut up a couple of notes. The trick is so strong that it's definitely worth it though.

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