Bicycle Bronze Age Playing Cards

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Trick by Justin Froyd ($13.00)

Possibly discontinued.
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Bicycle Bronze Age Playing Cards - magic

Bicycle Branded Bronze Age Playing Card Deck printed by United States Playing Card Company.

A Custom Deck of playing cards inspired by Coat of Arms. Created by Justin Froyd.

Each card is unique. Each court card has a different coat of arms and Kings and Queens have crowns and the Jacks have Knight helmets. The number cards are printed with a faded paper back ground. The reverse of the cards features a crowned green eyed beast.

  • Air Cushion Finish 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Sealed with Coat of Arms

Customer reviews for Bicycle Bronze Age Playing Cards

Richard Pot

Check out those card backs!

This deck is inspired by the coat of arms, and the "heraldry" feel surrounds all aspects of the deck. My favourite part: the card backs. The design of the card backs has a lion, with its teeth gripping a square, the other side of which is a symmetrical picture of the same. Very nicely done!

The face cards have a vintage look, which suits the theme. The arrangement of the pips is unusual, and also suits the theme well. The court cards don't have the usual kings and queens characters, but heraldic shields. Very novel and interesting all round.