DOTA 2 Playing Cards

8.00 usd

Deck of cards by US Playing Card Company ($8.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
DOTA 2 Playing Cards - magic

For you DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients) fans, here is a special treat: a DOTA 2 deck of playing cards. Each card, including the Jokers, displays a different character. Now you can play cards with some of your favorite Heroes from the game, while targeting any "Ancients" at the table. Or invent your own games to take advantage of character combinations and spells. Your only limit is your imagination!

Designed by Workshop Contributor Swade Art, each 56 card deck features Classic Air-Cushion finish®, is printed on premium Bicycle brand card stock, has a custom tuck box and is made in USA.


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