NOC Signature Deck (Laura London)

Deck of cards ($9.95)

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"Over an old fashioned cocktail, Alex Pandrea asked if I could be the third host in his NOC Signature Series. I was truly honored and agreeing, I got straight to work redesigning and turning them into my perfect deck with the help of the talented designer Tomas Hlavaty.

"I instantly knew how I wanted the deck to turn out, and, of course, it HAD to be red. We added a nice thin black border to the blood-red back design - which is a darker shade than the previous red deck. The black line allows for the deck to be fully-marked and also adds a subtle reflection of my style and personality.

"The deck is a slightly thinner classic stock and has been traditionally cut to make for a smoother gambling experience. There is also a brand new Ace of Spades and every court card has been customized. I couldn't be more happy and proud to present, in the NOC signature series, a deck of cards fit for a Queen."  —Laura London x

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