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In a word: mesmerizing. The new Wonder Playing Cards will catch your eye and not let go!

This deck features a colorful circular back design that will get noticed at the card table or during flourishes, and directs attention toward the eye in the middle.

Printed by USPCC, the tuck case duplicates the colorful back design from the cards. The custom Ace of Spades also duplicates the color pattern in an eye-catching way. And in addition to a double-backer, you also get 2 special cards that combine to form an intricate design.

Get this deck today and start mesmerizing yourself and your spectators!

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Customer reviews for Wonder Playing Cards Printed at US Playing Cards

BoardGameGeek Reviewer EndersGame

SUMMARY: A hypnotic and magical deck of cards

The mind behind Wonder Playing Cards is magician David Koehler, who has been involved in magic ever since he was 13 years old. Wonder was originally a name and idea associated with David's interest in street magic and hypnosis, and the title for a full length TV-style magic special or documentary that he planned to film. In conjunction with this, David decided to produce a Wonder deck of playing cards, and this deck is the result. Wonder Playing Cards is published by Murphy's Magic (so it should be readily available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic retailer), and printed by USPCC to ensure good quality and handling.

David's personal interest in magic and hypnosis is evident from the design on the tuck box, which features the artwork from the card-backs on the reverse side. The front of the tuck box offers a magnified view of part of the artwork from the back of the cards. The image on the card-backs has an eye in the center, which is surrounded with swirling bands of colour in concentric circles. The eye has a long association with hypnotism, and it's hard not to think of the hypnotic swirls also associated with hypnosis when studying the design, especially when it is in motion.

The design relies on three main colours - cyan (blue), magenta (pink), and yellow, which are considered the three primary colours for the CMYK colour model. This makes it very eye-catching, and the almost garish appearance means that it's hard to avert your eyes when this deck is in full flight.

The Ace of Spades features a custom design that pays tribute to the pattern on the card backs, which is clearly the theme of the entire deck. The Jokers are identical, and their faces have a full bleed chevron design with a giant patterned X in white standing out from the layers of colours. For the rest, the cards are standard, but there are some extra cards for magicians to use, including a duplicate four of hearts, and a double backer.

It helps that the colour scheme is consistent throughout, with the same cyan/magenta/yellow combination used on the Jokers as on the tuck box and card backs. The clever, colourful, and entrancing design should easily win over fans of cardistry, because it has the potential to weave a hypnotic spell as the colours blur together when doing swirls and other card flourishes. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame