Magic by AGUSTIN

Sugary Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by AGUSTIN - $6.95

Transforming objects into money is a great way to get attention, and Sugary is here grab those eyeballs for you. You can show a pack of gum, removing all of the pieces but one, but after a magic motion, the last stick of gum transforms into a bill, ready to be handed out and examined!...

Fly Knot Magic download (video)
Fly Knot
Magic download (video) by AGUSTIN - $5.95

From the mind of AGUSTIN comes a unique and amazing effect of rubber band magic. Combining two plots, Transpo and TnR (Torn and Restored), it will leave your audience with an impossible and beautiful miracle. Show two different colored rubber bands, and give one to the...

Zion Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by AGUSTIN - $6.95

You introduce a single blue playing card with one missing corner. Take another card and cover it with the blue card. Visually, the card under the blue card changes into the spectator's card with just simple push. Immediately hand them out for examination and see how your spectator is blown...

Rock Band Magic download (video)
Rock Band
Magic download (video) by AGUSTIN - $5.60

Get ready to rock everywhere with rubber band magic. SOLID STYLE A highly visual rubber band thru a borrowed cap. LOCATE With just a tap, a rubber band vanishes and reappears wrapped around the spectator's card. LOOK NICE Transform a rubber band into a real piece of candy. All of these amazing...

Weird Gum Magic download (video)
Weird Gum
Magic download (video) by AGUSTIN - $9.95

MYSTIFYING MOVEMENT ALL UNDER YOUR CONTROL! Put a pack of gum on your hand or on the table. At your command, the gum package slowly moves, mysteriously. This is a self-contained PK effect. Easy to make and easy to do. You can carry this gum anywhere and be ready to perform...

Inex Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by AGUSTIN - $5.95

Imagine this. You draw random lines on a card box. With just a gentle shake, those lines morph into a word or into the name of a card. Not only that, you can draw an X on one corner of the box and visually move it to another corner. You can even make it jump to your palm or anywhere you like! This...

Protect Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by AGUSTIN - $4.95

Have you wanted to perform the Torn and Restored Bill without a gimmick? Now you can! This is a new, ungimmicked variation of the Torn and Restored Bill. You don't have to buy anything or destroy money to make a gimmick. All you need is just a piece of paper, bill, simple...

Break Free Magic download (video)
Break Free
Magic download (video) by AGUSTIN - $4.95

Borrow a deck and a rubber band and you are ready to perform this shocking miracle!A spectator chooses a card and loses it in the deck. You wrap a rubber band around the deck, but at your command, the chosen card shoots out from the middle of the deck! Everything is even...