Magic by Alex Kolle

Stitched Trick
Trick by Paul Harris and Alex Kolle - 35.00

THAT TORN HOLE IN YOUR PANTS JUST BECAME YOUR BEST FRIEND. You've been walking around with a semi-fashionable TORN HOLE in your PANT'S LEG. You hold...

Popcorn Card Gimmick Trick
Popcorn Card Gimmick
Trick by Alex Kolle - 12.00

Refill gimmicks for the Popcorn Card routine from Xtension DVD. You cut the deck into four face-down stacks...wait a few seconds...and WITHOUT...

Xtension Trick
Trick by Alex Kolle - 35.00

The creator of that through-the-roof sensation "The Hawk," has agreed to reveal another of his legendary high-flying astonishments! You stick a...