Magic by Anthony Lindan

Star Gazer Trick
Star Gazer
Trick by Anthony Lindan - $10.00

EffectA color postcard is shown to a spectator. The postcard, titled "Hollywood Cocktail Party", is full of photographs of famous celebrities. The spectator thinks of any one of the seemingly dozens of celebrities pictured. Immediately you begin telling the spectator facts about the person they are...

Redonkulous DVD
DVD by Anthony Lindan - $60.00 $45.60 (SAVE $14.40)

"Every single time I have a chance to perform stand-up magic I present "REDONKULOUS!". Audiences have responded to "REDONKULOUS!" as THE strongest piece of magic that I've ever performed. It is the show stopping effect that everyone talks about after my show. I'm truly excited to share this dynamic...