Magic by Chad Long

Okito Reversembly Magic download (video)
Okito Reversembly
Magic download (video) by Chad Long - $10.00

Cards meet coins in this classic of magic that will baffle even the most learned minds of the art. In Chad's updated version of Roundtrip to Boston, coins vanish and reappear within a brass box on the table. This is by far one of the most aesthetic coin routines we've seen, and as such, we couldn't...

Tweezer Aces Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Tweezer Aces
Magic download (video) by Chad Long - $7.00

Sometimes, a spectator will say, "I don't know what you did, but I know you just did it." They seem to suggest that while they might not be able to explain the move, they know it's been executed. Tweezer Aces neutralizes this threat. Under the most fair conditions two queens are placed into the...

Transposition Aces Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Transposition Aces
Magic download (video) by Chad Long - $10.00

Transform, change, and transpose are the three unforgettable climaxes in Chad Long's unbelievable Transposition Aces. Not only will this routine amaze all for whom you perform it, Transposition Aces is a masterclass in drama. The effect is the perfect opportunity to experiment with building tension...

Plucked Aces Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Plucked Aces
Magic download (video) by Chad Long - $10.00

For the casual conjuror, Chad's method for pulling the aces out of the deck is perfect for stunning audiences between effects, amazing friends at the poker table, and grabbing a free scotch at the bar. Based on a classic sleight, Chad's ingenious method is fun to perform, and feels great in the...

Now Look Here DVD
Now Look Here
DVD by Chad Long - $20.00

A card is selected and lost in the deck. The spectator is now led through a game of "Pasteboard Ping-Pong" as they look up to your pocket, over to your hand and finally down to the table where they find the selected card! Includes Chad Long's original routine & Scotty York's awesome...

Flash Trick
Trick by Chad Long - $35.00

A classic trick, brought up-to-date with modern technology! Two USB flash drives, one red and one black are freely shown. They switch places several times, each more visual than the last, and then the black drive stretches to three times it's normal size! Easy to do Fun to perform ...

Scratch Trick
Trick by Chad Long - $20.00

Chad Long showed us this at dinner at FISM and all of the magicians at the table immediately started experimenting with it. It's one of those effects that you just have to play around with as it's so much fun to create tricks using Chad's concept. To get you started though, Chad teaches three...

Knitting Ninja DVD
Knitting Ninja
DVD by Chad Long - $29.95

Chad Long is a master at creating magic that is belly-achingly funny while being incredibly fooling and practical. Knitting Ninja absolutely proves this.Knitting Ninja is a visual piece of eye popping magic that looks like an outrageous skill. Using an ordinary set of knitting needles and a...

Spineless Trick
Trick by Chad Long - $20.00

A literary adventure from the mind of Chad Long!Spineless is Chad Long's work on the book test using a book with no spine! The entertaining and unforgettable effect begins when a pile of loose pages are mixed by several spectators and ends with astonishment and applause! Tons Of Possibilities! Fun...