Magic by Cigma

Blazzard Accessory
Accessory by Cigma - $149.95

Fire has long been used as a catalyst to trigger subsequent magic effects. However, heating up objects to produce effects is more like a scientific experiment, rather than pure magic. For this reason, Cigma Magic and Jeff Lee invented Blazzard, an innovative device, which allows the magicians to...

SMOGGLER Accessory
Accessory by Cigma - $175.00

After numerous tests and constant refining, we have finally released Smoggler L. We are excited to bring you the most handy and versatile smoke device with the best quality for real-life magic workers. Its teeny tiny bit of volume makes it highly adaptable to a variety of performing environments,...

SPARK Accessory
Accessory by Cigma - $105.00

SPARK, a miniature ignition device, can be easily hidden in almost any place desired, even behind cards or coins, waiting to light up objects at the planned moment. Triggered by a remote control, SPARK makes things catch fire themselves as if it is pure magic. No unnecessary moves and unwanted...

Refill for UNITS Trick
Refill for UNITS
Trick by Cigma - $9.95

Includes a reel of 65-ft single thread. The tailor-made reel can be disassembled or replaced in a short time. The single thread can endure 30 grams maximum, which is about the weight of 20 playing cards. Due to the slight flexibility of the single thread, an object weighing nearly 30 grams...

EAC Trick
Trick by Cigma - $89.95

E.A.C, a pack exclusively designed to support Cloud 9 System, consists of four different types of switches working on different methods. You can strategically equipped one of the four switches according to your performing environment, making your routine smoother and more miraculous. Magnetic...