Magic by Esya G

SWAG Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Esya G - $9.95

Introducing, the latest "must have" item for every performing magician. A great effect in a seemingly innocent item. Ultra visual Change effect - one card changes into another! Vanishing effect -- a card sandwiched between two others disappears! Your imagination is your...

Mystical Float Magic download (video)
Mystical Float
Magic download (video) by Esya G - $14.95

A super visual and magical way to introduce a watch into your favorite magic trick. This is super easy and fun to do. Your spectators will be mesmerized as they see the watch impossibly balance on you fingertips and then float slowly and visually in between your hands. Thanks to a totally unique...

DHUIT (Card to Bill / Bill to Card) Magic download (video)
DHUIT (Card to Bill / Bill to Card)
Magic download (video) by Esya G and Ragil Septia - $14.95

Kept secret for nearly a decade, Ragil Septia is finally ready to unveil DHUIT, a card to bill and bill to card transformation that you need to see to believe. Check out the demo video to see it in action. DHUIT is super easy to set up and can even be examined. This is the ideal magic trick for...