Magic by Gene Anderson

Newspaper Magic Book
Newspaper Magic
Book by Gene Anderson - $25.00

The definition of today's magic shop is that we bring you the latest, coolest new magic. But Vanishing Inc. is more than that. We want to help you identify and access the classics of magic and the forgotten texts that got us to where we are today. This is one of those texts.Newspaper Magic by Gene...

Torn & Restored Newspaper DVD DVD
Torn & Restored Newspaper DVD
DVD by Gene Anderson - $29.95

Another Classic magical effect, that still amuses and amazes audiences today!Gene Anderson is the single most influential performer that has perpetuated this miracle. A magical mystery that plays well in a stand-up or stage environment, even up close. You will enjoy watching his performance, as...

Greater Magic Video Volume 37 - Gene Anderson DVD
Greater Magic Video Volume 37 - Gene Anderson
DVD by Gene Anderson - $29.95

"This is more than a few tricks. It is my heart and soul." - Gene AndersonGene Anderson knows how to amuse an audience. From flopping intricate paper hats on to his head to shredding and miraculously restoring pates of newspaper, Gene keeps his viewers smiling. Known throughout the world as the...