Magic by Inaki Zabaletta

Psycho DVD
DVD by Iñaki Zabaletta - $29.00

One of the best classics of all time but now renewed, we are talking about the legendary "Card Stabbing". This act has everything we want in a routine: comedy, challenge, audience participation, strong magic and hitchcockian tension. From a shuffled deck five cards are freely selected, noted...

Impostors Trick
Trick by Iñaki Zabaletta - $12.00

With Impostors your audience will live an incredible visual stunning moment of magic. Two cards are selected. The magician with only two jokers and his empty hands transforms them very clearly into the two selected cards. As an encore, the two selected cards change back unbelievably into the...

The Game Trick
The Game
Trick by Iñaki Zabaletta - $49.00

Make yourself look like an expert con man!The Game is a complete treatise on The Three Shell Game. It comes with all you need to learn and perform this great guessing game. You'll be taught maneuvers designed to fool your audience, step by step. They'll be amazed at your skill, and they'll have fun...

Fisher's Dream Trick
Fisher's Dream
Trick by Inaki Zabaletta - $39.95

The Lasso Card Trick" is one of the favorite classics of all time. Now imagine you can do it anytime anywhere with a freely selected card and signed by the spectator. This is the most practical, fooling and amazing version of the classic. A shuffled regular deck of cards is handed out to...

DVD by Inaki Zabaletta - $35.00 $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

Imagine this; you are wearing no jacket on plain stage. No table, no chairs, nothing. You show a red handkerchief and then a white one. Next you briefly cover your empty right hand and instantly produce a real wine bottle production out of nothing. No Way! This is the best opener...

R & B Phenomena DVD
R & B Phenomena
DVD by Iñaki Zabaletta - $39.95 $30.36 (SAVE $9.59)

The Parlor & Stage version of "Out of This World" Without any doubt Paul Curry's "Out of This World" is one of all time's greatest miracles. But have you ever wished to perform it for 40, 80 or 300 people? Now you can.  With "R & B Phenomena" you can perform the most crystal...