Magic by John Stessel

FLUSH DVD & props
Vanishing Inc. exclusive FLUSH
DVD & props by John Stessel - $15.00

"The best rubber band trick I’ve seen in years." —Alex Pandrea Simple. Elegant. Impossible. You lightly hold two rubber bands at your...

Linxus Trick
Trick by John Stessel - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

Solid through solid. Visually. At fingertips. "You should be burned at the stake. This is too good!" Michael Ammar A plot that stood the test of time...

Welcome To My World DVD
Welcome To My World
DVD by John Stessel - $27.50 $13.75 (SAVE $13.75)

We were proud to introduce John Stessel to the magic community with his hit trick, Flush. Now he's back, and he brings a new creative energy to...

Stessel's Button DVD
Stessel's Button
DVD by John Stessel - $35.00 $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

We like John Stessel, and we like to think that we saw something in him before anyone else did. We released FLUSH several years ago and it was a...