Magic by Kieron Johnson

The Return of Stickman Bob Trick
The Return of Stickman Bob
Trick by Kieron Johnson - 44.95

The most spectacular, eye-popping, and entertaining way to find a signed playing card. This is no ordinary card trick...unless, of course, you...

To the Max DVD
To the Max
DVD by Kieron Johnson - 39.99

The effect is a simple but strong one, dating back to at least Malini: the magician produces a block of ice. This is stunning magic that is sure...

Too Hot to Handle DVD
Too Hot to Handle
DVD by Kieron Johnson - 48.95

From the creator of the best seller "To The Max", Kieron Johnson, comes a brand new mind bending piece of magic called "Too Hot To Handle". ...

Element (Volumes 1 & 2) Trick
Element (Volumes 1 & 2)
Trick by Kieron Johnson and Ellusionist - 44.95

Element is the now world famous effect that allows you to control fire and ice - the highly visual and unexplainable effect from the genius mind of...

The Time Traveller Book
The Time Traveller
Book by Kieron Johnson - 55.00

Come see why Kieron Johnson is an up and coming name in magic circles in his new book, The Time Traveller. A 4F's member and AIMC member of The...

Re-Maxed Iceolation Trick
Re-Maxed Iceolation
Trick by Kieron Johnson - 150.00

Kieron Johnson is clearly a magician who performs a lot. We were impressed with his To the Max but this takes things up several levels! ...

Frea-capped DVD
DVD by Kieron Johnson - 35.00

An incredible, self working piece of visual magic. A Sharpie marker that impossibly recaps itself!!! Freacapped is an ingenious gimmicked...

Chaotic DVD
DVD by Kieron Johnson - 31.13

Welcome to Chaotic the brand new project from Kieron Johnson. Kieron, creator of RSVP's best selling trick of 2012, To the Max, invite you to...