Magic by Kieron Johnson

To the Max DVD
To the Max
DVD by Kieron Johnson - $39.99

The effect is a simple but strong one, dating back to at least Malini: the magician produces a block of ice. This is stunning magic that is sure to be a reputation maker. In this instance, the effect is made possible using Keiron Johnson's unique holder that allows you, for the first...

Element (Volumes 1 & 2) Trick
Element (Volumes 1 & 2)
Trick by Kieron Johnson and Ellusionist - $44.95

Element is the now world famous effect that allows you to control fire and ice - the highly visual and unexplainable effect from the genius mind of Kieron Johnson that allows you to produce a block of ice from anywhere! As seen on 2015's Britain's Got Talent, the basic effect is as...

Too Hot to Handle DVD
Too Hot to Handle
DVD by Kieron Johnson - $48.95

From the creator of the best seller "To The Max", Kieron Johnson, comes a brand new mind bending piece of magic called "Too Hot To Handle". Imagine being able to supposedly control temperature! Turn a freezing cold can of Coke into a boiling hot one! Being able to make...

The Time Traveller Book
The Time Traveller
Book by Kieron Johnson - $55.00

Come see why Kieron Johnson is an up and coming name in magic circles in his new book, The Time Traveller. A 4F's member and AIMC member of The Magic Circle, Kieron has lectured and seen his magic performed around the world and consulted for TV personalities. Now he is here to give you a peek...

Re-Maxed Iceolation Trick
Re-Maxed Iceolation
Trick by Kieron Johnson - $150.00 $114.00 (SAVE $36.00)

Kieron Johnson is clearly a magician who performs a lot. We were impressed with his To the Max but this takes things up several levels! This utility device allows you to secretly load a signed card, prediction, borrowed credit card, borrowed room keys, borrowed bills, and much, much...

Frea-capped DVD
DVD by Kieron Johnson - $35.00

An incredible, self working piece of visual magic. A Sharpie marker that impossibly recaps itself!!! Freacapped is an ingenious gimmicked Sharpie marker that allows you to perform an incredibly visual piece of magic with NO SKILL REQUIRED! As seen on TV. Includes special...

Chaotic DVD
DVD by Kieron Johnson - $31.13 $23.66 (SAVE $7.47)

Welcome to Chaotic the brand new project from Kieron Johnson. Kieron, creator of RSVP's best selling trick of 2012, To the Max, invite you to join him and he preforms and explains nine of his favorite routines. All are from his current working set and are audience tested in the real world. This...