Magic by Kristopher Antibus

A Taste of Chaos DVD
A Taste of Chaos
DVD by Kristopher Antibus - 35.00

The TNR Debate Is Over! Two TNRs that range from beginner to expert. Legacy: A Hyper-Visual, 4-Piece, Signed TNR. No Prefold No Gimmicks No...

Billet to the Brain Trick
Billet to the Brain
Trick by Kristopher Antibus - 45.00

 FREE Redacted download with purchase"The method is diabolically clever and the effect on the audience is incredible. There is NO WAY back for...

Trick by Kristopher Antibus - 30.00

An Opener That Opens Minds. As you introduce yourself you introduce ancient symbols of power. Whether it is on a special card or on your business...