Magic by Kristopher Antibus

A Taste of Chaos DVD
A Taste of Chaos
DVD by Kristopher Antibus - $35.00

The TNR Debate Is Over! Two TNRs that range from beginner to expert. Legacy: A Hyper-Visual, 4-Piece, Signed TNR. No Prefold No Gimmicks No StickyWith restorations that happen with no cover, and it can be shown on both sides, hands empty, after each phase. Mythos: This is not just a Signed TNR, it...

Trick by Kristopher Antibus - $30.00 $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

An Opener That Opens Minds. As you introduce yourself you introduce ancient symbols of power. Whether it is on a special card or on your business card. A symbol of perception that "calls" out to them. They think of any sigil that they desire. You immediately know what it is and commit. They draw...

Billet to the Brain Trick
Billet to the Brain
Trick by Kristopher Antibus - $45.00

 FREE Redacted download with purchase"The method is diabolically clever and the effect on the audience is incredible. There is NO WAY back for them."- Doc Eason"A Billet to the Brain is Great! It's a fooler that can be carried around in your pocket with ordinary items. This Yet ANOTHER great...