Magic by Mario Tarasini

Hands Free Trick
Hands Free
Trick by SansMinds and Mario Tarasini - $25.00

An insanely visual Torn & Restored effect that you'll swear is CGI. You never even have to touch those cards! This innovative variation on the classic TnR plot is brought to you by Mario Tarasini in collaboration with SansMinds. Don't be surprised if Hands Free convinces your spectators that...

Holewitch Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Mario Tarasini - $9.00

Imagine having two 'holed cards' that can do an incredible sandwich. A signed card from your spectator is lost in the deck. You show the 'holed cards' to your spectator and with just a shake, the signed card has magically appeared between the 'holed cards.' This is Holewitch.Download the video...

Zoom In Magic download (video)
Zoom In
Magic download (video) by Mario Tarasini - $14.99

The perfect social media trick for TikTok and Instagram. Just like a picture on your smartphone, you're able to zoom in on a playing card with your fingers. A small hole becomes a big one before you finally flick it off completely. You can clearly show both sides of the card to prove the hole has...

Card Warp Change Magic download (video)
Card Warp Change
Magic download (video) by Mario Tarasini - $15.00

A fun and visual new take on the classic Card Warp card trick from the creative mind of Mario Tarasini. With Card Warp Change, a playing card slowly transforms into a different playing card as you fold it. Once you're done, you can even give the card to your spectator to keep as a memorable...

Card Guillotine Magic download (video)
Card Guillotine
Magic download (video) by Mario Tarasini - $13.00

An innovative new method for one of the most mysterious and mind-boggling card magic plots ever created. Mario Tarasini has brought Card Guillotine back to life. Applying this new method, you'll fool even some of the most knowledgeable magicians. You can even perform it with a spectator's...

Penciltration Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Mario Tarasini - $14.00

Push a NORMAL pencil through a BORROWED coin with this gimmick-free version of a classic effect. With Penciltration, the magician places a coin inside a folded card and visually stabs the pencil directly through the center of the coin. They then remove the pencil to show the coin is completely...

Flying Ghost Magic download (video)
Flying Ghost
Magic download (video) by Mario Tarasini - $14.99

Flying Ghost is a visual miracle! The magician takes a playing card that was selected and signed by a spectator and pushes it directly through the card box. They then take a coin and drop it through the box. Your specators won't believe their eyes when they see it falls right through the signed...

Old School Packet Trick Magic download (video)
Old School Packet Trick
Magic download (video) by Mario Tarasini - $10.00

Magically transform 4 blank cards into 4 regular face cards with this clever take on an old school packet trick by Mario Tarasini. Download now to start learning right away! NOTE: Some additional supplies may need to be purchased for this effect.