Magic by Matthew Dowden

1 Deck 14 Tricks 24 Hours Volume 2 DVD
1 Deck 14 Tricks 24 Hours Volume 2
DVD by Matthew Dowden - $30.00

We set Matthew J. Dowden on a challenge... Learn 7 world class easy-to-do card tricks within 24 hours and then go out onto the streets of London and amaze your audiences! On these DVDs you'll see Matthew perform 7 of his 14 fantastic card tricks that require no skill and absolutely no sleight of...

Strike6 DVD
DVD by Matthew Dowden - $10.00

Three years ago we released a great 2 DVD set called "1 Deck...14 Tricks...24 Hours", which was a huge success. We've now decided to release our favorite 6 routines from both volumes and put them onto 1 DVD at a price you won't believe!See all six effects performed before real people, in genuine...

Party Animal DVD
Party Animal
DVD by Matthew Dowden - $54.95

Matthew is a professional Close up Magician and on his debut DVD you will experience some of his LIVE work. There is NO audience setup and NO fake reactions, just the real work in a real world setting. All the routines explained on this DVD have been audience tested over hundreds of performances....