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Magic by Mikame

Toyota Box Trick
Toyota Box
Trick by Mikame - $93.75

Great Changing Box Satoshi Toyota who has given great impact on the world of magic with the Mystery key holder has brought upon a new...

Dream Tunnel Trick
Dream Tunnel
Trick by Mikame - $13.00

Dream Tunnel is THE transformation device, from the genius mind of Mikame, for your next routine. You can take pieces of blank paper or money and...

Picture of Mr. Mikame Trick
Picture of Mr. Mikame
Trick by Mikame - $5.00 $3.80 (SAVE $1.20)

Cutie Mouse Trick
Cutie Mouse
Trick by Mikame - $37.70 $28.65 (SAVE $9.05)

From the insightful mind of Mr. Mikame comes Cutie Mouse, Animal Magic for everyone! Made with only a handkerchief, this mouse is so cute....

Coin Vanishing Handkerchief Accessory
Coin Vanishing Handkerchief
Accessory by Mikame - $31.20

Mikame's Coin Hank isn't just for coin magic!  Use it for beautiful sleight of hand. Vanish, Produce or Transpose: Balls ...

Appearing Silk Accessory
Appearing Silk
Accessory by Mikame - $25.00

Out of an empty hand with the sleeve rolled up, a 60 cm sq silk appears instantly. Reliable and Easy to Perform consistently.

Hopping Table - Top Only Accessory
Hopping Table - Top Only
Accessory by Mikame - $230.00

Mikame presents a sturdily made table top which you can add to any table to create an ideal space for performing card or close-up magic A pull out...