Magic by Pierre Velarde

Spectro Touch Trick
Spectro Touch
Trick by Joao Miranda and Pierre Velarde - 199.00

The PK touch is one of mentalism's most powerful effects, where a spectator feels they're being touched while the performer is some distance...

Spectro Touch Toe Switch Refill
Spectro Touch Toe Switch
Refill by Joao Miranda and Pierre Velarde - 39.95

If you wish to control your Spectro Touch totally hands free and/or without the programming delay, you can choose to control it via a custom-designed...

Pro Deck Switch Trick
Pro Deck Switch
Trick by Pierre Velarde - 49.95

The "Pro Deck Switch" by Pierre Velarde takes deck switches to a whole new level. You'll never leave home without this amazing tool....

Spike Teleport System Trick
Spike Teleport System
Trick by Pierre Velarde - $249.95 $212.50 (SAVE $37.45)

A new, secure, safe method for performing Russian Roulette style "Spike in Bag" effects. "Spike Teleport System" by Pierre...