Magic by Rizki Nanda

Freak Hole Magic download (video)
Freak Hole
Magic download (video) by Rizki Nanda - $9.95

Visually startling and unbelievably quick, the spectators won't know what hit them with Freak Hole! You take a spectator-signed card and punch a hole in one end. However, with a flick of your fingers, the hole instantly travels to the other end of the card! You even hand them back their signed...

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Neon Box Trick
Neon Box
Trick by Rizki Nanda - $30.00

Forget everything that has 'GONE' before! From the creative mind of Rizki Nanda comes Neon Box. This is a card box vanish that is so visual you don't even need to cover the box at any time before or after the change. Instantly make your card box vanish, spread through the cards as a...

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Propel DVD & props
DVD & props by SansMinds and Rizki Nanda - $34.95

SansMinds Magic brings you Propel - a crazy visual effect all the way from Indonesia.Draw a simple dot or symbol on your finger with a Sharpie marker. Watch the ink crawls up and down across your fingers and even on to the other hand. A moving ink effect with nothing but the ink and your skin. It...

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ESP-ectation Trick
Trick by Rizki Nanda - $35.00

Get ready for a direct piece of ingenious mentalism with ESP-ctation by Rizki Nanda - The performer shows a single face-down card, which is placed inside an envelope and left in full view. The performer then takes a packet of five face-down cards and shows them one - each one showing...

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Foundation Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Rizki Nanda - $4.95

Impossibly balance any matchbox on your finger. Foundation is a good solution from Rizki Nanda to break the laws of gravity anywhere and anytime by only using a borrowed Matchbox and your single fingertip. No magnets No weight No wire No thread No...

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Decode DVD
DVD by Rizki Nanda - $37.50 NOW $17.00 (SAVE $20.50)

This is the most practical moving ink effect ever created. After the spectator has chosen a card you write down a random code, a sequence of dots, dashes or some sort of binary code onto the border of a playing card. With a simple flick or shake that code instantly morphs into the chosen card. The...

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SKY-LINK Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Rizki Nanda - $6.95

Magic with ordinary objects is the most powerful type of magic! SKY-LINK is designed for you to do magic with ordinary objects. Link and unlink a safety pin thru a rubber band - looks amazing! No threads No loops No cuts No jokes All objects can be...

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INKSIDE Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Rizki Nanda - $7.95

InkSide by Rizki Nanda is a wonderfully visual ink-manipulation effect that happens on the side of a matchbox. You can draw anything on the side of a matchbox, and then with no covering you make it change. This effect is achieved using a new concept (gimmick) and is fully examinable at...

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Off Side Magic download (video)
Off Side
Magic download (video) by Rizki Nanda - $6.95

Off Side is a unique solution to make a solid matchstick through a solid matchbox effect anywhere and anytime. Easy to do! Do it anywhere and anytime Fully examinable before and after Very little set up

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Tattoos on Card Magic download (video)
Tattoos on Card
Magic download (video) by Rizki Nanda - $10.00

An interesting way to reveal a message, prediction or more, on a playing card. You pick a card and burn it, leaving the black ash on the surface.. But with ''Tattoos on card'' black streaks will transform into any revelation you want! An image of the card, a heart or your signature ......

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Flutter DVD
DVD by Rizki Nanda - $34.95

A spectator selects a card and examines it front and back before signing and isolating it, in their very own hands. Another card is selected and a marked sticker is placed on the back of this card. The sticker, with no cover, very slowly disappears right before your...

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Jumpink Trick
Trick by Rizki Nanda - $29.95

Move permanent ink on a pack of gum! Rizki Nanda from Indonesia is a true underground gem. He contacted us and shared a secret with us. This secret allows you to do an incredibly visual effect: move permanent ink on a pack of gum. For the last few weeks, we have been looking for the perfect...

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Static Balance Magic download (video)
Static Balance
Magic download (video) by Rizki Nanda - $5.95

A feat of levitation this defies logic, yet it looks too good to be true! That is Static Balance! Borrow a spectator's cigarette and balance it on your cigarette pack. And by balance, we mean at an impossible location: the tip! All this with no suspicious items, and it can be handed out immediately...

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