Magic by Rodger Lovins

What Tha Trick
What Tha
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $19.95

The magician is seen to reach out into thin air and with his or her bare hands, produce a live creature! Then, just as quick, the performer makes it vanish! Was it real? Was it just an illusion? What the heck was it! Maybe it was just your imagination! The reactions you will get are...

Our Very Best Color Changing Knives Trick
Our Very Best Color Changing Knives
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $150.00

Rodger Lovins Magic has been selling the highest quality Magician’s knives for nearly 35 years and this new set is no different. This is the very best set they’ve ever offered. These are not cheap dollar-store knives. They are gorgeous professional knives that have been machine-crafted to...

Magnum Color Changing Knife Set Trick
Magnum Color Changing Knife Set
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $125.00

These pearl white and brown jigged bone magicians' knives are possibly the finest set of color changing knives ever produced. They were custom designed for magicians and the quality is built to last. Two years of working on this new design and with the help and expertise of The Boker Knife...

Calling Card Extra Trick
Calling Card Extra
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $20.00

EffectThe magician has a card selected and noted and placed on top of the deck. The card changes to a blank card. The spectator holds the blank up near their face. The magician takes a photo of the spectator holding the blank card when the camera is shown to the spectator, the photo is of them...

Stick Man Trick
Stick Man
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

You have a card selected from the deck. Telling your spectator that on the back of your business card, sealed in plastic, is a drawing of a stick man magician. You tell them that the stick man has made a prediction of the card being selected. Impossible, they will think! Upon turning the card over,...

Toasted Trick
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $30.00 $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

This effect is startling and unexpected. The method is ingenious. Yet it is easy to perform, can be repeated and your spectators will be blown away! This is not just another rising card trick. This is magic! EffectThe Magician has a card selected and signed. The spectator places their card into the...

Ultimate Coin Purse Accessory
Ultimate Coin Purse
Accessory by Rodger Lovins - $55.00 $41.80 (SAVE $13.20)

The Ultimate Coin Purse is a utility device designed with the magical performer in mind. It has several uses and is a very versatile prop. The uses for the Ultimate Coin Purse are endless! It is a switching device, change purse, and chop purse all rolled into one! I am confident you will find many...

Talking Deck Trick
Talking Deck
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $40.00 $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

This effect is pure genius! Rodger Lovins has done it again! Everyone is talking about his Talking Deck!One spectator chooses a card from a shuffled deck of playing cards, and a second spectator reveals the chosen card in a very unusual way. Now this is MAGIC! EffectThe magician has someone choose...

Break The Habit Trick
Break The Habit
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $30.00 $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

The very best Torn & Restored Cigarette you will EVER perform!EffectThe magician displays a cigarette and says he is trying to break the habit. He proceeds to break the cigarette into several pieces and drops them into his hand. A little magical gesture and the hand is opened to reveal a...

Refill for Stick Man Trick
Refill for Stick Man
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $8.75 $6.65 (SAVE $2.10)

Refill for Rodger Lovins' Stick Man Magic Trick. Comes with 10 extra cards and 1 Gimmick.

Card Cognition Trick
Card Cognition
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $25.00

COGNITION - [The mental process of knowing] "This is one of the easiest mind reading, card effects You will ever use! Everyone loves Card Cognition." Any Card Anytime Anywhere Instant Reset No Marked Cards Can Be Repeated Easy To Do Quality Bicycle Cards The performer shows a deck of cards by...

The Ultimate Color Changing Knife Trick
The Ultimate Color Changing Knife
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $35.00

Rodger received many requests for just the single gimmicked color changing knife in Pearl White and Brown Jigged Bone. It has been called The Ultimate Color Changing Knife. These knives are the very best ever produced! They have been custom designed by magicians for magicians and quality...