Magic by Rodrigo Romano

Coin to Wallet Trick
Coin to Wallet
Trick by Rodrigo Romano - $30.00 $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

Would you like to perform a powerful, direct and amazing effect? Well, now you can -- with our new effect, COIN TO WALLET. The creator of Odyssey and Osmosis presents a new, unexplained mystery: COIN TO WALLET. When you see it, you won't believe it -- a signed coin disappears from the magician's...

Trick by Rodrigo Romano - $40.00 $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

Mysteries presents CYCLIC RING by Rodrigo Romano! "CYCLIC RING is a groundbreaking effect that will make possible what - until now - was impossible." From the creator of Vertigo and Osmosis comes CYCLIC RING, the most astonishing effect to be done with a ring. A borrowed ring travels inside a...

Osmosis Trick
Trick by Rodrigo Romano - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

If you need strong magic that takes place in a spectator's hand, then Osmosis delivers!This linking rubber band and ring routine is so incredibly visual and troubling to the mind, that spectators will start reevaluating their definitions of "possible" and "impossible"!You hand out a rubber band for...

Vertigo Prediction Trick
Vertigo Prediction
Trick by Rodrigo Romano - $70.00

Some years ago Rodrigo Romano delighted us with his effect Gilligan Prediction. Now he surprises us once again, with his new creation: VERTIGO. Let's imagine just some of the effects that are possible with VERTIGO: A card, freely chosen by a spectator, coincides with the prediction made...