Magic by Stefanus Alexander

BandLink Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Stefanus Alexander - $10.00

Stefanus Alexander, the creator of "Insert", "No Thing", "INFINITY BOX", and much more, presents a new trick called BandLink. The Linking Rings is a classic trick in the world of magic. It's a trick we always see in magic shows. Many magicians develop this trick...

Free Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Stefanus Alexander - $6.99

Unboxing your cards has never been so quick and easy thanks to Free by Stefanus Alexander!You can now show a box of cards and then instantly remove the deck in the blink of an eye! Better yet, no gimmick is required and everything can be examined after the unboxing! Get this easy-to-perform...

Infinity Box Magic download (video)
Infinity Box
Magic download (video) by Stefanus Alexander - $19.95

Get ready for a transformation so quick and visual that your audiences won't believe their eyes.The Infinity Box allows you to quickly transform anything you can fit under the cellophane of a card box. Want to change a card? Money? Prediction? Coins? Drawing? Another small object? Infinity Box can...

Sweet Illusion Magic download (video)
Sweet Illusion
Magic download (video) by Stefanus Alexander - $5.00

The perfect visual trick for TikTok, Instagram and virtual magic shows. You can easily create the Sweet Illusion gimmick at home. With this gimmick, you can visually change the flavor of a pack of gum and transform it into pieces of candy. Download and start learning right away!

No Thing Magic download (video)
No Thing
Magic download (video) by Stefanus Alexander - $14.99

Step up your HOLE routine with the innovative gimmick No Thing!After a spectator selects a card, you just wave the card and a large hole appears in it! No threads, magnets or flaps - this gimmick will allow a startling transformation or even let the hole jump form card to card with a simple wave!...

T.I.M.P - This Is My Pen Magic download (video)
T.I.M.P - This Is My Pen
Magic download (video) by Stefanus Alexander - $7.95

If you are looking for something extremely visual to do with a pen, then you need T.I.M.P.! After letting a spectator examine your pen, you take it back and proceed to make the cap jump to the other end. Then the pen goes through the cap! Then you hand out everything for examination! This...

STEAL CHANGE Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Stefanus Alexander - $12.00

If you are looking for a unique revelation, check out Steal Change by Stefanus Alexander for something both instantaneous and highly visual!Imagine a card is selected. The magician now shows a spectator a card with a black square drawn on it. Now with a simple flex of the card, the prediction...