Magic by Taylor Imagineering

The Pathfinder Clear Pocket Index  Trick
The Pathfinder Clear Pocket Index
Trick by Taylor Imagineering - From $45.00

An innovative new approach to billet index systems that allows you to perform powerful prediction effects that were once believed to be impossible....

Serial Killer Playing Cards Deck of cards
Serial Killer Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Christopher Talbot, Taylor Imagineering and Vince Wilson - $25.00

The "Serial Killer Deck" is suitable for all performance types, with themes spanning from the heroic capture of these depraved individuals...

The Iris Deck Trick
The Iris Deck
Trick by Taylor Imagineering - $40.00

Add color to your performance with this beautifully designed color forcing deck from Taylor Imagineering. Carefully designed to match the style and...

The Line Up Trick
The Line Up
Trick by Taylor Imagineering - $40.00

We're always looking for strong impromptu-seeming miracles, and this fits the bill exactly!An exercise in visualization and an original take on a...

Perfect Laser Pendulum Trick
Perfect Laser Pendulum
Trick by Taylor Imagineering - $75.00

This is high tech magic for the modern mentalist! What a cool idea this is, and it uses a prop that is sure to garner curiosity.The Perfect Laser...