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Jumbo Bicycle Cards Trick
Jumbo Bicycle Cards
Trick by none - $2.40

The perfect gag card. The magician says that he'll find the spectator's selected card. He produces the 52 on 1 card triumphantly. Of course the selection is on this card! All 52 cards are! Dimensions Approximately 4 1/2" x 7" (11.43cm x 17.78cm)

iUtility: Magic With Your iPhone DVD
iUtility: Magic With Your iPhone
DVD by none - $19.95

Turn any iPhone into the ultimate utility gimmick! A third installment of iPhone Magic! We taught you magic for your iPhone, now it is time to learn magic WITH your iPhone! Perform easy to do amazing tricks with your iPhone. iPhone magic is a fun and unique way to break the ice. Perform these...

Inside Their Pockets Number One: The Tie Steal! DVD
Inside Their Pockets Number One: The Tie Steal!
DVD by none - $10.00

Get in! Get out! Steal all you can! Number one in the amazing "Inside Their Pockets" series is the upclose and personal Tie Steal! Long coveted as one of the most difficult steals in the art of pick pocketing, The Tie Steal is shown here in simple detail. Taught concisely in less than ten minutes...

Hypnotized - The Trance State DVD
Hypnotized - The Trance State
DVD by none - $20.00

On command, those who have joined a hypnotist on stage seem to enter into another reality. But it's hard to believe it's anything more than play acting. Many researchers believe hypnosis can allow us access to hidden memories, help us overcome phobias and be used to manage pain? Intense debate...

Cracked! Ultimate Sucker Silk to Egg - TRICK Trick
Cracked! Ultimate Sucker Silk to Egg - TRICK
Trick by none - $35.00

This effect includes a CD-ROM, not a DVD Basic Effect: After changing a silk into an egg, the performer explains that the egg is hollow and the silk is inside. He then repeats the effect to show exactly how it was done. This time the egg is a real one and the silk has vanished! Included is a...

Conjuring Philip DVD
Conjuring Philip
DVD by none - $20.00

CONJURING PHILIP tells the tale of researchers who experiment in communication with the spirit world. Some believe they have made contact, others believe their experience is not with the other-side but is form of psycho kinesis - the ability to mentally affect the physical environment without any...

X-Ray Vision Trick
X-Ray Vision
Trick by none - $12.95

- New and Improved - No Complicated Sleights - Perfect for Strolling - Easy to Do!EffectA card is chosen, then lost in the deck. The spectator uses X-Ray Vision to find it by ACTUALLY see through the cards. The card is seen to be a reversed x-ray version of the chosen card, but just for a...

Ultimate Milk Vanish Tumbler Trick
Ultimate Milk Vanish Tumbler
Trick by none - $25.00

It's Fun, It's Fast, and it has a Fabulous impact on audiences! EffectYou show a full (30 oz. size) tumbler of milk. Form a cone from a piece of paper and pour the milk into the cone. Crumple and or tear up the cone and the milk has vanished! Our design allows for easy pour. More visual to the...

Ultimate Legends of Magic DVD
Ultimate Legends of Magic
DVD by none - $65.00

This kit is already being talked about in magic circles everywhere. It has some of the best tricks we have ever made in it. In fact , many professionals use these tricks in their shows right now, yet they're simple enough for an 8 year old to do! Watch HOUDINI and Other Great Magicians Perform on...

Superstition DVD
DVD by none - $25.00

A great new effect from the creative and slightly strange mind of Liam Montier! This is easier than a jigsaw with all the bits glued together! Imagine offering your spectator the chance to select themselves a 'lucky card', which they do - say it is the Five Of Diamonds. You comment that while that...

Madame Blavatsky - Spiritual Traveller DVD
Madame Blavatsky - Spiritual Traveller
DVD by none - $20.00

At a time when women, like children, were expected to be seen and not heard it was said that she left her husband to become a trick rider in the circus, traveling alone she entered forbidden Tibet, she was a spiritual genius and the mother of the new age. On the other hand there are those who say...

Kymera Magic Wand Trick
Kymera Magic Wand
Trick by none - $89.99

At last, the world's FIRST magic wand in now available for you to buy and own. Perfectly balanced in the hand and weighted for accuracy, the Kymera will allow you to impress and amaze your friends and family with its specially developed "action at a distance" capabilities. No home is complete...

DVD by none - $25.00

Effect Let a spectator choose absolutely free a card (no force) and let him sign the card. Now you rip off a corner of the signed card. You remove your watch and give it to the spectator to examine. Take the watch back and lay the rip off corner on the glass of the watch. Wave your hand over the...

Card Sorcery with Salt Book
Card Sorcery with Salt
Book by none - $15.00

Introduction by Ross Bertram. He explains who Dr. George Casaubon really is. Over 25 tricks with salt including: Salting a card Unsalting a card Simple salt card control Salt and the Glimpse Salt and the Pass Salt and the Palm Salt and the Force Over 90 pages of original tricks with salt. Never...

Miller & Vernon Cheating Houdini Greeting Card Trick
Miller & Vernon Cheating Houdini Greeting Card
Trick by none - $3.95

This beautiful greeting card with envelope features Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon cheating Houdini in a game of cards. Charlie Miller (1909-1989) and Dai Vernon (1894-1992) were the most influential close-up magicians of the 20th century. Houdini (1874-1926) is the best known magician in the...

Forced Trick
Trick by none - $12.95

EffectMentalist offers to demonstrate what the difference is between a "magician" and a "mentalist". A packet of playing cards are shown to be all different. Performer demonstrates how a magician would perform a standard "pick-a-card" effect by mixing the cards, and then pantomiming how a card...

Felt Bag Trick
Felt Bag
Trick by none - $20.00

Un-gimmicked Felt Spirit Bag. (CR Style) Comes in Purple, Red, Blue or Black. with Gold accent)

Tarot DVD
DVD by none - $20.00

Much more than a popular form of fortune telling, some say that a great and ancient wisdom is hidden in the mysterious images of the Tarot deck. In some circles, they are thought to be the sole surviving "book" from the great fire that burned the libraries of ancient Egypt. Are they really...

Split Coin Trick
Split Coin
Trick by none - $60.00

The Split Coin is one of the most under explored gimmicks in magic. It goes under several names such as Close Coin, Super Coin, and Johnny Wong's Split Coin each version being as clever as the next. Routines galore available with this custom made gimmick. Important — This Split Coin is the 10 Pence...

Jumbo Bicycle Card Trick
Jumbo Bicycle Card
Trick by none - $2.70

The perfect gag card. The magician says that he'll find a card equivalent to one half of the card selected by the spectator. But since the spectator selected the 7 of Clubs, this feat proves difficult. Until the magician produces the 3 and 1/2 of Clubs! Dimensions Approximately 4 1/2" x 7" (11.43cm...

Juice  - Trick
Juice -
Trick by none - $20.00

Magic at the speed of sight! What is invisible to your audience, even under close inspection, is clearly visible to you from across the room!It's a powerful card marking fluid. Use Juice for Black Decks with ALL black playing cards, including reverse and combination decks. Demonstrate your psychic...