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Mark Raffles: The Legacy DVD
Mark Raffles: The Legacy
DVD by Mark Raffles - $45.00

Join the world's number one pickpocket in this limited edition collector's DVD. For the first time on DVD Mark Raffles reveals his entire act...A show that inspired a generation. Contents: - A history of the act - Mark explains how it all began. - Archive footage featuring rare tv clips... The...

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Master Card Routines DVD
Master Card Routines
DVD by Chris Priest - $27.50

"The Millennium British Champion of Close up Magic" for the first time releases from his professional repertoire his Master Card routines to the magic fraternity. ACE RECEPTIONThe Ace Reception act is a piece of theatre in itself. This is Chris's opening routine at pre dinner drinks receptions...

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Profiles: The Social Mentalism Routine Trick
Profiles: The Social Mentalism Routine
Trick by World Magic Shop - $33.50

Profiles is a social media themed mentalism routine that fits in your wallet, and your audience can relate to. Catfish: The reason to never date anyone online...Date night: Predict every aspect of your spectator's night out!Digits: Reveal the phone number from any girl's profile card. Including...

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