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Magic download (audio book) by Ken Weber
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Maximum Entertainment Audiobook

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Magic download (audio book) by Ken Weber ($20.00)

Maximum Entertainment is a modern-day classic. It will make the tricks you already do, better! Ken teaches us things no other magic book does: how to be our own THEATRICAL director, how to handle spectators, how to work a microphone, how to ADAPT to difficult situations, and much more. Every professional dreams of having a director like Ken Weber. Now we can. Maximum Entertainment is essential listening if you’re serious about performing magic.

Now available as an audiobook, read by Kent Axell, you can listen to Maximum Entertainment on the move!

Ken Weber is a professional performer and director from New York. A double theatre major, Ken travelled the world with his unique act. He is one of magic’s most respected advisors and has coached some of today’s top performers.

Running time: 9 hours 50 minutes


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  • Steven asks: What format is this in? MP3 or m4b or ? I know they can be converted, but it’s a pain.

    • 1. Tony answers: It's mp3 format
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  • Timothy asks: If I own maximum entertainment is this a better buy than ME 2.0?

    • 1. Tony answers: It's depends on you, someone like to hear an audio book someone like a physical book
    • 2. Jeffrey answers: If you already own Maximum Entertainment, this would just be an audio version of what you already have which would be nice to have for the car or the gym... Maximum Entertainment 2.0 has more than 75 new pages that will not be on the audio title. So far, from what I have gathered, there are no plans as of yet to put out the new version in audio format (but we can all hope and keep asking the guys at VI to get it done one day hopefully). Hope that helps.
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Customer reviews for Maximum Entertainment Audiobook



Its a great book offering lots of common sense advice to maximise the entertainment value from your magic. Lots of magicians would benefit from this book if only they would read it.



I've been doing magic for years... i've never purchased Maximum Entertainment... but i've always heard about it. When the audio book came out I immediately purchased it. I also purchased the book as well. This gives me the ability to read the book and then while driving to just start off where i left off reading. It's the perfect combination.

The audiobook is great. The book is read by Kent Axell and he does a magnificent job. He's lively and keeps your attention, none of that monotone stuff here.

The book is probably one of the most important books you will read if you're doing magic for real live people. So I would recommend the physical book and this as a companion. It'll serve you well.



Wow, I have a hard time finding time to read a book and when I do I generally don’t get far before I fall asleep.

So while I love books, it takes me a long while to finish them. This is the perfect solution! I will be listening to this book again and again.... it’s alrwady given me valuable advice.

Some books you can read front to back and it’s good.. but sometimes you find those one or two sentences that change your way of thinking and make it all worth while...

This book has more of those kind of life changing sentences than I can name.



Just listen to the book during walks over the last week or so. I've read the book cover to cover many times, but listening to it, I've picked up even more! The 2017 interview at the end is worth the price of the book! Do yourself, and your audiences a favor, and buy this audio book. Play it while driving/walking/exercising. So many "nuggets of gold" sprinkled throughout, this audio book is worth having on your phone to listen when you get the opportunity.



This book is a must have! The audio edition is well read, and includes an interview with the author. Well worth the purchase, even if you have the hardcover edition.



This is more of a common sense book like Robert said. I was expecting something more along the lines of learning how to be an original genuine entertainer. You're not going to learn how to write your own scripts and patter with this book but very practical advise in this book for working magicians. Many points plus a 1 hour bonus interview which I found valuable.

Maximum Entertainment Audiobook by Ken Weber