The Memory Arts - Tamariz Edition

Magic download (ebook) by David Trustman and Sarah Trustman
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The Memory Arts - Tamariz Edition

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Magic download (ebook) by David Trustman and Sarah Trustman (30.00)

The Memory Arts - Tamariz Edition - magic
The Memory Arts - Tamariz Edition The Memory Arts - Tamariz Edition

EVERY serious card magician wants to do memorized deck magic, but many are daunted by the time and effort required to memorize a deck. But what if there was a way to memorize the pack in 15 minutes? Now there is! Two memory experts (outside the field of magic) have created an odd but wonderful product. It's an ebook with gorgeous paintings that tell an outrageous and, thankfully, unforgettable story. By reading the story, you will AUTOMATICALLY memorize Tamariz's Mnemonica Stack. How cool is that? 

Using a time-tested memory technique, you will absorb a story so sensational and outrageous that you will barely notice that you are committing an entire pack of cards to memory. As time goes on, the story falls away and you will be left with a fully-memorized pack of cards. You can use this method to learn to memorize a shuffled deck, but its primary purpose is to help you memorize the Tamariz stack QUICKLY. 

More on the book:

This groundbreaking book introduces the ancient art of memory and recollection by presenting a Layered Mnemonic Methodology—in GRAPHIC form—that teaches the fundamentals of a trained mind through playing card memorization. In the days of Plato and Aristotle, these systems were part of formal education, and for thousands of years their instruction has been passed down via written word, requiring the reader to translate those words into images. 

Recognizing that written letters are natural to none, The Memory Arts bypasses the unnatural for the natural, providing beautifully painted locations designed specifically for memory storage and retrieval. THE MEMORY ARTS provides a methodology so refined even a 6-year-old can learn how to memorize a shuffled deck of cards, a list of over 25 items that can be called back in any order, and countless phone numbers. The principles taught in this book are directly applicable to every area of life, be it business, math, history, shopping lists, speeches and more.

Sarah and David Trustman caught the mnemonics fever several years ago.  After extensively studying the art of memory and its use of vivid imagery, they realized that the best way to teach the mnemonic arts is not through words, but rather through pictures.  Luckily, David is an artist and comic book creator, so they got to work and created the first ever graphic novel on card memorization!  "The Memory Arts" is taught predominantly through vividly painted watercolor images specifically designed for recollection.  The book explores their new take on card memorization, enabling the reader to memorize a shuffled deck with little effort.  In fact, their then-five-year-old daughter, unknowingly learned their system by simply looking at the pictures, and their eleven-year-old son used their methods to memorize the Mnemonica Stack in a mere 15 minutes!   

'The Memory Arts' by Sarah and David Trustman a fantastic read. It is indeed one of the best books on memory and beyond. The book is a great tool to better your skills and talents. I highly recommend it.Uri Geller
The memory arts book is the easiest and fastest way to learn mnemonica! Flash cards, songs, and rote memory weren't sticking. In one day I read this book and learned the whole stack. Makes me feel foolish wasting all that time trying to learn it any other way. Daryl Williams
The Memory Arts is worth your time and attention. It is full of useful tools and systems that are both flexible and practical. You should read this, apply this and enjoy this.Chris Rawlins
The Memory Arts is a valueable asset for anyone wishing to learn about the ancient art of memory techniques. It will prove to be of intense interest to those who have tried and failed to memorise a deck of playing cards; with its interactive approach to teaching a memorised deck in lightening speed. For the student looking to deepen their ability with memory, this will be a hugely valuable addition to their libraryLuke Jermay


Customer reviews for The Memory Arts - Tamariz Edition



Wow, I'm amazed by this. I've always considered myself to be somewhat "memory challenged", particularly as I've passed the half-century milestone. But after only a couple of casual hours of working with it I am working through the exercises and memorizing shuffled half-decks in just a few minutes. I haven't yet worked on the Tamariz stack, but based on what I am seeing already I think this should be a piece of cake!

I have read concerns from people using mnemonic systems that recall isn't quick enough, however it seems from my experience so far that recall is lightning fast. It takes little or no mental gymnastics or calculation to go from seeing an image in the mind's eye to knowing the card you are after. It is almost instantaneous, and I am confident that after having worked with this system for awhile longer it will truly be instantaneous. As I mentioned, I've only barely started working with this and I feel like I would almost be confident enough to use it in a performance.

I would definitely recommend this, especially if you are a visual learner like myself.



Very impressive. The method to helping you memorize the deck is very interesting. It really breaks it down in a way that will allow anyone to memorize the deck. You will have to practice (I have a long commute and recorded myself on my phone going through the method and it really stuck with me quickly).
They give you exercises to flex the muscle. Like anything in card magic, after you practice long enough, you've got it down cold. Worth the time and effort. Especially if you have Mnemonica and have been struggling to memorize the stack.



Unbelievable! I bought this book and in just one afternoon I was able to know the position of a card (and vice versa) in 99% of the times. I use the app Mnemonicosis and passed on the most of the exams. Of course, after this afternoon, I still taken more time than I'd like to finish a mixed test (random cards and positions). I've taken about 4 minutes to answer the 52 random questions, an average of 5 seconds per card. But was after just one afternoon. The system is amazing. Absolutely recommended!



Absolutely amazing! I was able to remember a full stack within 24 hours. And I really "worked" on it only for 2-3 hours! From my point of view 26 images are absolutely fine: You have 2 cards per image that make a story in combination. For me that seems to be easier to remember than 52 images with only half the story in it.



It takes work but anything worthwhile does. I could not have memorized the stack without this. Now I can recite card and location immediate. It has become second nature. Buy it, study it and if an old man like me can do it do so can you.



Amazing!! This is the ultimate guide to learn the basics of mnemonics and get a hold of the Tamariz Mnemonica!! Had not been able to do it in 11 years. Now I got it in just a few days!! Totally recommended!!



This is an amazing download. I have learned to memorize a whole deck with mnemonica stack, but I do not have an excellent memory. This is something every magician should have!!!



I rarely write reviews, and even more rarely write reviews for magic-related products. However, I just had to for the Memory Arts book! I have owned Juan Tamariz' "Mnemonica" for about 3 years and have never been able to successfully memorize the stack. In literally less than TWO DAYS I have the WHOLE stack memorized using the Memory Arts system!!! it is amazing and it really works. I'm still in shock how easy it was also. I can't recommend the Memory Arts system and book enough!

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I bought the Tamariz e-book and had the whole stack in my head in just a few hours of work over a couple of days. Now it is just a matter of practice to get it up to speed. I will be buying the hardcover book because I am sure that the additional information is valuable and also the book looks really good.



I ordered the ebook yesterday afternoon. Actually I ordered both the Tamariz and Aronson versions at the same time. I am familiar with the principles of the "memory palace" but have not tried to create a sufficiently large one myself. The fact that a beautiful visual creation has been made for you is incredibly valuable. Adding to that, the method of visualizing suits is a wonderful add-on to the concept.

Here's the upshot. Although I have NEVER EVEN LOOKED at the Tamariz stack (beyond glancing at it in his wonderful book) I am not only able to call out and deal out the stack, but also randomly cut and call out the next card. Is it instantaneous? Not yet. Nor would I expect it to be. But the fact that I can be even nominally knowledgeable of a full deck stack in less than a day really is a testament.

I had learned Simon's stack a year or two ago, but haven't used it in a while and can't remember it. I thought it would be more of a challenge to learn the Tamariz from square 0, and then at some point in the future go back and re-learn the Aronson stack.

Without a doubt, this was one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. I can't wait to see where I go with it!

PS Now I don't feel as bad about buying Mnemonica years ago!



I got this and the Memory Arts Aronson Edition, I read the Aronson edition first and is great! I didn’t want to mix cards in my head so I didn’t try to memorize Tamariz’ stack, but the exercises, the explanation, the memory structure and mapping is great! If you want to memorize a deck buy any of The Memory Arts ebooks, they have an Aronson, Tamariz and Aragon edition. It’s your choice what stack do you want to memorize.



Like most others, I too am very impressed. I consider myself to have a terrible memory, and I don't consider myself a fast learner. Yet, I've already learned half the stack in a couple of hours, despite taking it at a leisurely pace.

I have no doubt I could learn the full stack with another two hours, but my brain hurts, so I'll leave it for tomorrow, and practice just half the stack for now. It's an oddly satisfying process. It still takes a little mental effort to figure out for example, that card number 12 is the three of diamonds, but it is, and I find myself amazed. Only hours ago I had no idea. With practice I'll become much faster I'm sure.

I disagree with the negative review below. You only need 26 "locations" to memorise the full stack. Why complicate things further? Brilliant. Best purchase in a long time.



This system worked so fast for me. After starting the book in the morning and before the work on memorizing cards, I was able to remember a sixteen item grocery list without referring to the written list with no problem at all!. I look forward to many years with a memorized deck through this system.



This book is truely a wonderful resource for learning mnemonics. Before I bought this book it took me a week to memorise the first 13 cards of a stack. As soon as I had learnt the techniques in this book I had the entire stack down in a day. This truely is an amazing resource I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their memory both inside and outside of magic.



Great product! This is a beautifully designed ebook. The colors and the artwork really help with imagination. I've always been interested in memory loci and palaces but had a hard time due to the lack of resources such as time. However, this book is practical and if you dedicate the time, in a weeks time you'll be able to confidently apply all the principles in the book. Buy and use it! Great find by vanishing inc!



I have had Mnemonica for a while and really struggled in memorizing the stack and gave up with it thinking I didn't have the 'mind' for it. I bought this e-book not expecting much from it, after no time at all I have the stack memorized and can recall cards out of order, with more work I am 100% confident I will be able to recall the stack at speed. This method of memorizing works! To be honest I'm quite shocked at how well it works.



I bought this yesterday and have already learned the stack! I am amazed and delighted! I bought "Mnemonica" years ago and never really tried to learn th stack, so this ne e-book was just what I needed. Thank you to the authors and to VanishingInc.



This really works! It takes a little time, and it it will take even more time to get it down pat, but after about 20 minutes of serious time I have more than half the deck memorized. The rest will come quickly, then to work on getting it fast. This is the first time I've tried to memorize a deck, I have a normal memory, and this works great for me. Highly recommended.



The visual method to the learning the Memory Path is great. It works. I can see it and remember it easily. What is beyond my comprehension is why a $25 pdf which claims to provide a visual system to remember a 52 card stack (Mnemonica) only offers 26 images on the Memory path and not 52 images. I think having to remember 2 cards at for each Memory Path number is lazy and misleading on the part of the author. I should not have to remember card stack number 1 and 2 on Memory Path image 1 and then do some math. Seriously. The Memory path provides a visual cue as to its number. Why are there not 52 images on the Memory Path? I would say this is a great book to remember a half stack. I would be happy to get the other 26 images for number 27 to 52 or half my money back.


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  • Rob asks: What sort of times are people getting for say memorising half a shuffled deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We're hearing from lots of people who are memorizing half a stack in a few hours.
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