Crib! The Art of Hidden Info

Book by Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti
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Crib! The Art of Hidden Info

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Book by Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti (39.95)

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Legendary Mentalist Richard Osterlind shares everything you ever needed to know about using cribs in your mentalism or magic act.

Cribs are often an integral part of book tests, expanding anagrams, card effects and a vast amount of other staples of mentalism. They're one of the ageless mentalism principles that every serious mentalist should know. Yet, they are also one of the most often misused or overlooked principles. Crib! The Art of Hidden Info puts an end to that by offering a comprehensive explorations of cribs unlike anything we've ever seen before.

The books starts with a general discussion around the uses for a crib and why it is often the best procedure for the effect. Next, Richard examines the use of slates, pads, clipboards, books, writing instruments and all other manner of clever ideas in hiding and using a crib. Everything is explained with crystal-clear photographs to ensure that, after you're done with this book, you'll be able to create the perfect crib for any routine.

In addition to explaining the most popular cribbing methods, Richard also shares the work on his innovative cribbing ideas. This will stimulate your own creativity and inspire you to develop your own cribbing methods, and possibly even give you the breakthrough needed to invent totally new effects.


Richard also shares the method for his "Instant Magic Square" routine, as well as his latest ideas in presentation. This is widely considered to be one of his best Magic Square methods and is a true treat to read.

It has always been a wonderful routine, but now, with the use of an effective crib, it is a perfect effect for anyone! You will be able to do the exact act as seen below with virtually no math required! You'll have the power to instantly create a Magic Square for any name two-digit number. The crib ensures that the only time needed, is the time it takes to write the numbers.

This square is also the perfect square using the tightest groups of numbers possible. As it will be completely different from other Magic Squares you form, you can freely give it away. You'll genuinely look like an instant genius to your audience.

Grab a copy of Crib: The Art of Hidden Info by Richard Osterlind today!


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