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Trick by Bacon Magic
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Magic Mind

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Trick by Bacon Magic (259.95)

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Magic Mind - magic
Magic Mind Magic Mind Magic Mind Magic Mind Magic Mind

"Magic Mind 2.0" is a remarkable piece of cutting-edge magic technology. This convenient, compact, and highly practical magical accessory offers a modern approach to classics of magic.

The first iteration of "Magic Mind" by Bacon Magic was first made available in China in 2021. Now, after years of careful refinement, "Magic Mind 2.0" is available worldwide and is more powrful then ever. This incredible accessory can identify playing cards, locate specific cards, and even remember the cards chosen by your audience so you don't have to. Even better, it can be customized to not use playing cards at all.

Key Features of "Magic Mind 2.0" at a Glance

  • Six core functions
  • Compatible for cards, coins, and other small objects
  • Superb computing power, quickly acquires information
  • Capable of recording multiple audience selections
  • Four built-in card stacks
  • Can even customize your own stack
  • Compact and portable remote control operation
  • Tons of features to suit different styles of performance
  • Audience-tested to ensure it's durable, reliable and accurate

More Details

Taking into consideration an extensive amount of user feedback "Magic Mind 2.0" has preserved the six most highly favored features while boosting the CPU processing power. It's now controlled via a remote control, drastically improving the practicality and versatility.

The six distinct modes it includes are:

  • Initial Mode: Provides fundamental card details
  • Expert Mode and Search Mode: Both provide more detailed card data
  • Memory Mode: Can record as many five cards selected by audience members
  • Gambler Mode Calculates and displays dealt card contents
  • ESP Mode: Identifies quantities of items other than playing cards

In terms of operation, "Magic Mind 2.0" not only supports multi-stage card cuts but also seamlessly integrates data input into this process. You can input desired data without even using the remote. Combining "instant return to zero" and bidirectional recognition capabilities, magicians can adapt to almost any environment.

The operating system also now uses optimized recognition algorithms to minimize data fluctuations. A completely new data retrieval method enables magicians to switch freely between all modes.

"Magic Mind 2.0" comes with default support for four common card stacks and allows magicians to even define their own if they'd like. Going beyond playing cards, you can even define an additional five special items for quantity recognition (making this a powerful mentalism tool as well).


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  • Blazej asks: So right now seems we have Labco, Pitata, Soul by Wenzi and Magic Mind 2.0 -> is there a way to get kind of a quick comparison/differences for them? Or at least for Soul and Magic Mind, as both are available here (and most budget friendly) to understand it a bit better?

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    • Brandon asks: Are there any routines taught, or is it mostly tutorials on the device itself?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is no routines taught with this product
    • Guillaume asks: I have the Soul but this item are similar or is a better version?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Both products are great! This would just be down to preference
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