Night Flight Marked Playing Cards

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Trick by Steve Dela ($37.30)

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Night Flight Marked Playing Cards - magic
Night Flight Marked Playing Cards Night Flight Marked Playing Cards Night Flight Marked Playing Cards

An amazing pack of cards built specifically for mentalists!

"The cards are beautiful, they handle superbly and the printing on them is first class! What's not to love!" Michael Murray

As a general rule mentalists don't need to flourish or fan their cards...

In mentalism playing cards are supposed to be used as a tool, an accessory and not be the focal point of the routine ... No one handed fans, no fancy cuts and no springing from hand to hand.

With this in mind Steve Dela thought "why not produce a casino quality 100% plastic marked deck?"

Casino quality plastic cards still spread beautifully across a table!

They shuffle amazingly well, stay perfectly flat, and the great part is, they last 20-50 times longer than a standard cardboard deck.

This makes the NIGHT FLIGHT DECK the best value for money pack of marked cards on the market today! Doesn't it? We think so!

This deck can last for YEARS of performances ... and, if they do get dirty ... you can wash them!

This beautiful pack has been designed by Steve Dela and illustrated by Ade Gower (Monster Creations) from the ground up.


  • Designed for Mentalists.
  • Professional poker / casino quality plastic PVC cards last significantly longer than paper cards
  • Gorgeous matte finish
  • Designed from the ground up as a marked deck! The marks have been illustrated into the back design and NOT just added as an after-thought.
  • Super easy to read markings.
  • Subtle one way back design.
  • Instantly know whether a card is red or black via separate markings.
  • Beautifully modern yet familiar looking back design.
  • Normal faces and generic box design. Nothing suspicious to indicate that these are secretly a trick deck of cards.

55 Cards Including:

  • 1 Joker
  • 1 blue/blue double-backer
  • 1 blue/red double-backer

Instructions and plastic storage box included.

"Steve Dela has produced a beautiful deck of marked cards. Don't just think about buying this deck ... JUST BUY IT!! Highly Recommended." Steve Cook


Customer reviews for Night Flight Marked Playing Cards



Absolutely amazing quality, finally a marked deck I don’t have to be precious about. It can get put on a wet table, hidden in pockets or bent in spectators hands and will never get damaged. Super quick and easy to read too. Perfect.



So before you read this just go buy them because you’re going to do it anyway and at this price it’s a steal!

Steve Dela is a genius and has created the most durable marked deck of cards ever, and did I mention they were plastic! They feel the closest to a regular deck of cards but you CAN WASH THEM! That’s right soap and water, and they’re ready to rock again no matter what they went through. The marks are so clear and easy to read yet so deceptive no one will ever notice. Trust me these are for the workers and will last you so long. This will be my go to marked deck forever!

Just get them, you won’t regret it!

-Frank Flores



Just another marked deck? Far from it...this is the absolute best marked deck on the market. The markings are so easy to read yet impossible to spot if you don’t know. Hidden in plain sight if you will. I’ve handed this deck out for examination in gigs and it’s always passed as a standard deck.
The one thing that slightly bothered me at first was the worry of them being plastic rather than card, but all those worries are long gone, as not a single spectator has ever questioned it, they handle naturally and look beautiful. The massive advantage of these being plastic is that they will outlive any marked card deck. Before these I was replacing marked decks every couple of months, where as theses look brand new after hundreds of uses. You will not be disappointed with this deck I promise you that!



A good marking system, Comes with one cool joker, I like to use two jokers,for me considering there misleading add description,The deck does not fan or spread, (very clumpy), Also this deck feels very heavy compared to a standard Poker deck, When putting the deck back inside the tuc case, the deck gets caught up inside the back bottom flap, The deck has a slopy spring action.
Considering the High price tag for this deck,
I am very disappointed.


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