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Blomberg Laboratories Book
Blomberg Laboratories
Book by Andi Gladwin - $55.00

Blomberg Laboratories is not as good as I had hoped it would be ... it's even better." Michael Weber Sweden's Tomas Blomberg is not like other magicians. He combines his background in mathematics, physics, and puzzles to create a style of magic that is uniquely his own. Many expert magicians...

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Blomberg Laboratories - Deluxe Edition Book
Blomberg Laboratories - Deluxe Edition
Book by Andi Gladwin - $185.00

The 150 Deluxe Editions sold out within 24 hours of launching. Get the regular edition of Blomberg Laboratories before that sells out too! We have produced 150 Deluxe Editions of Blomberg Laboratories. This beautiful leather-bound book come with: A unique, custom produced...

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Blomberg Prop Kit Trick
Blomberg Prop Kit
Trick by Tomas Blomberg - $20.00

Almost all of the 65 effects in Blomberg Laboratories use everyday props such as cards, coins and even the odd piece of rope. Four of them use props that you would need to make or design yourself, but the good news is that we have done the work for you. This envelope contains the...

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