Magic download (video) by The 1914 and Rooster
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Magic download (video) by The 1914 and Rooster (14.95)

Evanescent - magic
Evanescent Evanescent Evanescent

A dozen powerful magic moments packed into an elegant three-minute routine using just three coins.

"Evanescent" by Rooster and The 1914 is an opportunity to learn the power of poetic sleight of hand from a world-class magician. It's sophisticated classic magic at its finest. No gimmicks required. Just three normal coins that you could even borrow if you'd like.

This precision-choreographed routine progresses seamlessly as you produce, teleport, and vanish coins. The magic can happen in your hands or even in the hands of your audience.

Even better, "Evanescent" is modular. So, you can just pick the phases that fit your performing style or the situation you're in. Moreover, you don't have to be intimidated by this technical routine because you can approach it at your own pace, mastering each module one at a time and growing your confidence as you go.

Rooster's friendly and engaging teaching style, paired with the unrivaled quality and multiple camera angles you've come to expect from The 1914, makes it a joy to learn from this download. It's a perfect opportunity to not just learn an amazing routine but also arm yourself with invaluable coin magic sleights that you'll use for a lifetime.

Download now and dive into "Evanescent" by Rooster today!

"Roo has a great knack for streamlining and clarifying coin magic. This routine alone could take you very far, even if you never learned any other coin magic." Rick Holcombe

"Whoh! There's some really unique moments in this routine which delivered an unexpected punch! Playful, well thought out and refreshingly interesting." Lloyd Barnes

"If you are looking for smooth, challenging and extremely visual coin magic then look no further! Rooster is not only an excellent technician but he performs his material in the real world for real people. That's how you know his material is quality." Myles Thornton


Customer reviews for Evanescent



I have fairly good coins skills (intermediate coin level). The moves are not that Hard. Picked up a couple of new ideas. the price was good. Real good for new coin Magicians


VI Monthly


great program. Great value for the money.



It´s really one of the best explanations I´ve ever seen - but I also think that´s also due to the quality standard of the Vanishing inc... For me as an Native German speaker from Austria it´s esential to get a tutorial with no stumbling around and talking with many words in summary really nothing or something really nobody is interested in... so in my opinion the Rooster is doing a grat job indeed!!!





There's a lot here. Good stuff. The MP addition to the visible two coins is extremely knacky. Thankfully Rooster provides a optional handling.


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