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Moustache Trick
Trick by Chris Ballinger - $24.99

In a word: fun. If you do strolling magic, restaurant work, or are just looking for something that isn't JUST another card trick, this is a great pocket miracle. The Effect: The spectator selects a moustache style form a pack of cards depicting 26 different moustache styles. The...

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Paul Harris Presents Steam 2.0 Refills Refill
Paul Harris Presents Steam 2.0 Refills
Refill by Ali Nouira - $7.95

Refills for Steam 2.0. Click 'add to cart' to choose which refill you would like... Steam 2.0 Refill Envelopes (25 Ct.)  Convenient refill pack of 50 envelopes that come with Steam 2.0. Steam 2.0 Refill Pad (50 sheets)  Convenient...

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Overlap refill Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Overlap refill
Accessory by Joshua Jay - $10.00

This is a refill pack for Joshua Jay's Overlap.

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