Leather Packet Wallet

Accessory by TCC Playing Card Co.
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Leather Packet Wallet

4.95 usd

Accessory by TCC Playing Card Co. (4.95)

In stock.

Stop using those old packet trick card wallets! You know the ones. They bend your cards, the plastic tears, they can't even protect themselves. Instead get yourself a Packet Wallet by TCC!

These new Packet Wallets are made from PU leather with quality and craftsmanship in mind. They exude a sense of professionalism and sophistication as soon as they are displayed. It lets your audience know something special is coming without saying a word. Let's see the plastic wallet do that!

It's time to let your accessories help make a good first impression for you, and the TCC Packet Wallet certainly does. Get your today!


Customer reviews for Leather Packet Wallet



Excellent quality, very well made, very good value, also the way the inside is designed they've made it's easy to remove any cards from this wallet.



Perfect packet wallet for carrying several small packet tricks around. Mine has held up really well to pockets and riding in a bag. I usually keep 6-8 cards on each side and they stay in the wallet really securely. Much more durable than the cheap plastic wallets that come with some packet tricks. For the price it’s a no brainer!



Absolutely superb… easily holds 6 cards each side. Possibly more! For now I have 12 total.

I would love them to make this in real leather.

However these are totally worth the asking price.



I have forever, always taken care that my props look the best that they can (a little something Cervon passed on to me years ago). I’m not one for dirty cards, dirty hands, dirty finger nails, or plastic packet trick holders. These Leather Packet Wallets bring that extra bit of class to ones act!! I hope that Andi and Josh keep these in the line up so all of us can step up to a better look. The price is a great value as well.



Affordable and luxurious, this wallet is a great product to throw into any purchase. You really cannot have enough of these to house your ESP cards, packet tricks, gaffed cards, etc.

One thing to note is that you're initially limited to around 7 cards in each plastic holder before the fit become too tight. However, the pockets do loosen up over time, and I've been able to hold up to 10 cards comfortably in each pocket.



Beautiful wallets! I have three. Twisted Sisters, etc., all look a lot more professional coming from these.



Excellent quality, holds my pocket tricks, easy to take cards out due to the design work, great value too.



I love this wallet… it is super nice quality and looks a lot more professional than those little plastic wallets. True, it can’t hold a ridiculous amount of cards, but I don’t think it’s meant to. One or two packet tricks is more than enough.

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Excellent product at an excellent price. I own five or six of these. I find that the wallet works well holding packet tricks with three to five cards in each side. I tried cramming 10 cards in on each side for a particular packet trick and they almost fit but the cards definitely felt too crammed so I opted for the "JOL Bi-fold Packet Trick Wallet" for that particular trick which is another good option but I do like how easy it is to slip cards in and out of this one by TCC compared to the JOL wallet.




Magically yours,
Disabled Comedy Magician and Motivational Speaker
Ricky D Boone



Want to keep your packet tricks or extras safe and crisp ? You cannot go wrong with these. Snatched up 4 of these as soon as I saw they were back in stock. I love the way TCC made the storage/loading system inside. Very easy to get your cards in and out without bending your favorite effects. TCC make great quality accessories without wanting to break your bank account.



The TCC Leather Packet Wallet 2.0 is so much better than the previous editions. It feels good and looks good and has enough room to avoid bending or destroying the cards you want to carry.



Good value. Looks like pleather (but what do you expect for a few bucks!). I tested this out with 5 cards on each side and they fit without bending. You can't tell from the pictures, but the windows don't cover the cards completely. The cards are exposed at the top right (on left-side) and top left (on right-side) of the wallet. This makes insertion/extraction a lot easier than wallets whose sleeves completely cover the cards -- no more hangnail catching that you get on the classic packet wallet.

I'll grab a few more of these soon.



A good wallet. It is worth all the price .... Thanks



I see no reason to give this item anything short of a 5 star review. TCC has put out some super high quality products at insane price points for what you get. This is really top notch stuff and I would buy anything with the TCC brand on it. I own a few of these Leather Packet Wallets. In one, I keep John Bannon's "Duplicity" which is 4 cards on each side for a total of 8 cards and have no trouble whatsoever getting them in or out without any damage. In another, I Keep Alex Elmsley's 4 card Trick on one side and Color Monte in the other - another 7 cards total with no problems. I keep NFW/ACE and Capitulating Queens in yet another.

Bottom line, these are great and 1,000% better than those el cheapo plastic wallets of old. My intro to TCC was their Rubber Band Boards and have bought at least half a dozen other products by them that I am happy with. Do not hesitate to try any of their products.



Can't really go wrong with this wallet. I primarily do impromptu tricks with a regular deck of cards but since buying this I've brought packet tricks with me wherever I go. The leather finish feels nice and matches most conventional wallets so looks fairly organic when brought out. It's fairly sturdy and doesn't bend when kept in jean pockets.

Worth it for anyone who does packet tricks



Good quality and design, This is more useful I would say to keep handling your spare cards,no bad for the price.



I guess this is ok. It's not leather that's for sure. Also doesn't quite look as pictured. A little bit of a tight fit for certain packets. It's certainly better than the really cheaply made packet wallets. Not a a bad purchase given the price. I would advise getting the tcc accordion wallet. That's just brilliant!



There apparently has been an "upgrade" --- you are now purchasing the 2.0 version --- which is not what is pictured. The item itself is reasonably well made ---- the outside looks like PU leather --- nice fabric on the inside --- and a partial piece of translucent/frosted plastic in a curved shape (picture the old Pacman ghosts cut in half along the vertical axis) to hold the cards in. The ad photos really should be updated to represent the actual item you are purchasing. The old version of the wallet was tight, but could successfully be stretched -- the new version leaves a corner of the cards exposed --- easy to grab, but cheapens the look (might have been better to make the piece frosted black). The overall effect is - an attempt to look classy, and expensive, but resulting in a fake look. In the end - it's just a PU leather wallet to hold cards. Best audience is fellow magicians --- If your intention is to look professional for the public - go with real leather



Excellent quality. Looks and feels amazing! Only problem is that it just perfectlt fits a single playing card. Packet tricks of 3 or 4 cards barely fits into the sleeve. Very tight fit and difficult to remove the cards. I’m worried I’ll damage my gimmicks pulling them out. Why not make these a touch bigger? I’m rather disappointed.


Professional Review Leather Packet Wallet

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  • Kate asks: Hi, how well does this compare to the mesika wallet? I can see its a zip reveal? My mesika wallet broke and i need a wallet cosely matched to it. Kind Regards Sam

    • 1. Tod answers: Sam, I think you are not reading the text. These are only very nice un-gimmicked "Packet Trick" wallets. They are made to hold 1 or more packet tricks, so you can keep them with you without damaging the cards, ie: Acrobatic Chameleons, B'Wave, Twisted Sisters. Hope this helps.
    • 2. Geoff answers: They are top Quality and excellent price
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  • Patrick asks: How many cards would one side fit comfortably?

    • 1. Jim answers: Depending on the thickness of the cards, I'd say between 4 and 6.
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  • BOB asks: I'm looking for a wallet to hold Richard Sanders' Extreme Burn on one side and Aces on the other. I was wondering if this one would fit. I understand Joshua has/had Extreme Burn in his everyday carry.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This can easily hold folded bills for Extreme burn.
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